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  1. GameOvR

    What would you like to see different for the iPhone 5?

    ability to read flash URL better picture quality when the flash is use in the dark or at night upgradable external memory bigger screen
  2. GameOvR

    Under 1 minute game.

  3. GameOvR

    Cannot connect to gamecenter

    is this an app i can download or a site?
  4. GameOvR

    iphone 4 app can measure breast Size

    too funny.
  5. GameOvR

    Netflix For iPhone Watch Movies And TV Shows Instantly

    yes. finally!! i've waited for this for so long. now, my iphone will always be in use.
  6. GameOvR

    HTML5 Vimeo Videos Now Embeddable with New Universal Player

    vimeo? is that in the app store? i dont see it.
  7. GameOvR

    How To Get Video Wallpaper On iPhone 4

    what is winterboard? youtube is blocked here at my work.
  8. GameOvR

    Netflix Instant Play on iphones?

    still waiting......
  9. GameOvR

    iPhone 4 Coming to Three and T-Mobile this Friday in the UK

    wow!!! Apple hit the jackpot on this iphone4 regardless of its antenna issue. Why didn't i think about buyin apple stocks 6 yrs ago?
  10. GameOvR

    Netflix Instant Play on iphones?

    The Netflix CEO spoke of it on the "unveiling of iPhone 4" back in early June. He said that his team is working on making instant play available to iPhone users much like how it is on PS3, xBox & Wii. I wonder if there will be a monthly charge, in addition to the monthly netflix charge or a...
  11. GameOvR

    Netflix Instant Play on iphones?

    when will Netflix Instant Play become available on iphones? they said summer but any word when this summer?
  12. GameOvR

    Thief Steals Phone While it Was Being Actively Tracked by GPS

    best news i've heard all day today. great job Alert & respond. As one of the many users & owners of today's sophisticated gadget, I would like to see this app becomes available to all.
  13. GameOvR

    How do you Upload HD video to youtube?

    o-ow. i didnt set it up on my mac. i started uploading frm my iphone4. what will happen now?
  14. GameOvR

    Where do you live?

    It's Apple Valley not Ape valley. Apple valley is in California. CA stands for CANADA (the country) and CALIFORNIA (the state) you live in paradise man. Only been there once & would like to come back again. Representing San Deigo, CA here. That's CA for California. lol
  15. GameOvR

    How do you Upload HD video to youtube?

    there was no option given. once i hit 'upload to youtube', it asked me for my youtube account then it started compressing and uploading.
  16. GameOvR

    How do you Upload HD video to youtube?

    as the title says. i uploaded a video last night directly from my iphone4. I was suprised to see that it looks crappy in youtube. Maybe because it compressed the video. Is there a way to upload videos w/o compressing them? The video was only less than 3mins & contains video, music and pictures.
  17. GameOvR

    Gyro HELP!!

    i guess to answer my own question.... yes it fixes it. no it doesn't delete any apps nor rearrange them.
  18. GameOvR

    Gyro HELP!!

    My gyro stopped working. I cant find anything from the settings. Will resetting the phone fix the issue? Will resetting the phone delete any apps?
  19. GameOvR

    Apple secretly readies internal hardware fix for antenna issue?

    found this.
  20. GameOvR

    IPhone 4 white

    what is the big deal about the white anyway? im happy w/ the black one.