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    Can I unlock my iPhone 5 my self?

    How? Or shall I sell my AT&T and buy unlocked?
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    Best and most reliable method to unlock iPhone 4S ?

    Did any one do this? Is it easy to do with iOS 5 or 6?
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    problems with 4gs jb

    I just jb my iphone 4GS, it has washed out, photo, and setting icon squares? any idea?
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    Need to unlock my jail broke iPhone 4.3.3

    What is the best and easiest way? Please advise me. Thanks
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    iPhone 4 jb acting up

    I did hard reset but it is more than often hang up and while writing a message or mail crashes. Any soft resolution please? Short than going to apple?
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    Bite SMS

    I have this app on my Jb iPhone 4 and used to have pop up messages but not any more? Can some one help? As it was good to see read messages without need to unlock it:(
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    iPhone 4 4.3 jb home button

    My home button is kinda lazy. What should I do? Some times need two or 3 pushes to engage. Please advise me. Thanks
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    How to back up my jb iPhone 4 with iTunes etc without reset

    Can some one pls advise me re backing up my purchase vs jb apps? Thanks
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    Neeed help with 3GS 4.2 with baseband 5

    I have done jb, but need to unlock, any help or reference would be highly appreciated. Thanks
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    Existing iPhone 4 user

    I have os 4.01 jb, look forward to jb 4.2 when it comes out