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    Those 3 dots at text messages

    I was TOLD that means one is active. A way to tell even if they have Read Texts off. True? I just thought thAt was like a network active and waiting thing but just sent a text and STARED AT the screen for a while and couldn't get those dots to appear now I am wondering? Sounds crazy I know...
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    Somehow my "default" calendar on my phone got switched to some Gmail account I never use. It was on an icloud account I set up, so it went to about three other devices. If I REMEMBER< I can switch it every time, but is there a way to just make it my default calendar (I think again)?
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    New to me?

    messages displays I have one:(that red 1). I cannot FInd it, scrolled and scrolled... Turned phone off and on.. I know with mail you could SORT to UNREAD so it would pop up front. There Isn't something like this is there? What about the header that also shows "1 message" can't tap on...
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    Drop out jeep

    Ears or read about it? Is there a way to rid our phones of it?
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    drop out jeep - NSA'a back door to your phone

    is there a way to get this spyware outa here/dismantle it?
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    Didn't the old iOS have a spotlight feature? If I remember right( and that is a big IF!), you just swiped left if your first screen. It was useful in finding stuff. I can't find it in the new OS
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    Dragon Dictation ios7

    Have used it and like it a lot. It does not work now with ios7? I have tried all this: reset app, no. Trashed app, re downloaded it, no. Went to settings in the app and in iOS to see if I could find anything, no. Looked for an email for the app, no. Also, while looking at all that I saw the...
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    How to CLOSE. Apps in ios7

    Guess it isn't the old way.(hold down till the red button comes up)?
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    Anyone else have/had it? It froze on me. Trying to find out how to make it work again. If I trash it and download again if ill lose all I entered?! I emailed tech support three times now since last week. No reply.
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    All those icons at top

    my " other" phone... Hers.. Has icons at the top we don't know what they are. 1 is a lock with a circle arrow around it? The other is a phone icon with two rows of dots under it? Both are to the right of the PM icons/letters.
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    Just ditched google voice

    Has it for years but now on straight AT&T so.. Trouble setting up VM? I got a password, recorded greeting etc but nothing seems to go IN I even reset my phone to factory default just in case, what am I missing?
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    speaker blown

    I am thinking of waiting till at least the 5S or what ever they call it, comes out before getting an upgrade.. until then, I am looking at a few things. I watched a youtube about replacement and it sure seems like a lot! I had the confidence from a u tube to do an SSD and memory on my 08...
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    Do not disturb?

    Shouldn't this feature DISABLE ringing? ie so I can keep phone ON but not have it ring or vibrate?
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    Iphone 4 microphone app

    I am straying to use this more. It is great to record college lectures. What it is lacking is to say reverse and FFWD. What's the easiest way? To convert to iTunes? How?
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    delete podcsats

    I guess things have changed with the new os.(6.1.3) I have a bunch of programs I want to get OFF my phone. Now, on program EPISODES, I can swipe to delete, but not entire program. I think I used to have to plug it in to computer before, and delete the entire program? I just plugged it in, and...
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    Icloud back up?

    It says this all the time..."iCloud backup hasn't been done in a long time phone has to be locked and plugged in and on wifi Well it is every night all that. I checked and ICloud is definetly on. I am questions wifi now... Does it turn off ya think when locked?
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    Stop all my apps from a frozen update?

    I "updated all" and I think it was too much or something. They froze. Will not update or open. Rest of my phone is ok.. Seems lik all my data usage is a lot slower now that I am on ios6 come to think of it .. Hmmmm. Any ideas?
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    After updating, it seems real hard to OPEN an app in 3G? It just "tries" and then times out. I shut off an on my phone, reset network settings, any other suggestions or anyone else see probs after update? Iphone4. Dan
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    I did a search

    figured this has come up a thousand times already!! I tried searching a FEW times different ways. NO luck? I NEVER get close even to my data plan.. but this month I risk overage.. I figured it must be an open GPS abled app? To my knowledge, if I double tap on the home button, then hold one of...
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    Still trying to fogure calendar sync out please help

    I cannot enter things in my iCal, and synch via I cloud to the others. ( 2 laps) but it does work the other way around! Is it possible? Dan