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    iOS 10.2 beta 4 battery drainage very high

    after waiting for more than a week, we were delighted to install 10.2 beta 4 yesterday but using it more almost 2 days, battery drainage is much higher than beta 3. Even I would say, it is highest among all builds so far. No doubt, beta 4 has solved Health app refreshing issue and lags. I am...
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    iPhone. What is it good for?

    I have two exchange accounts but it is not shown in Group list. Yes, true, it's disappointment, iphone 7 doesn't display exchange contacts.
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    iPhone. What is it good for?

    Email, SMS, phone, Twitter & Facebook, Linkedin etc. Not much for music and photo. But, I am disappointed, iphone 7 still not fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange. iphone doesn't display contacts from exchange.
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    Touch ID

    I use finger print and pass code both on iphone 7. Finger print is really very useful and fast, it ensures, no one else can use your phone.
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    I give up on screen protectors

    I am believer of using screen protector right from first day since last 10 yrs whichever phone I have used. It gives a mental satisfaction. That's all.
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    Font is small on emails and websites.

    Thanks for the tip how to close apps. I wasn't aware of it. Double click of Home and swapping up of individual apps. I think my problem of freezing would be solved.
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    Apple Seeds iOS 10.1 Beta 5 To Developers

    I have been experiencing freezing of Call screen & contact screen in random manner. I was too glad today morning to see new update but equally disappointed freezing still sustains. hope, it would be addressed in next release.
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    Frequent Freezing of Call, Contact screen in iPhone 7

    I downloaded & installed iOS 10.1. beta 5 today morning on iphone 7. i was facing frequent freezing of Call, contact and photo screens in previous beta 4. Let's see whether these have been fixed in this release. I have been noticing similar freezing even prior to beta iOS. Same OS, I have...
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    Transfering photos to iphone

    I was also apprehensive in the first place as I had switched from Blackberry. I transferred around 10,000 photos to iphone from my memory card thru iTune. Create one folder and copy all photos in this folder and sync thru iTune. It's very fast. Only precaution you have to take that don't delete...
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    How to…operate your iPhone without using the home button.

    Nice to learn app home. Very useful in some situations.
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    I give up on screen protectors

    yes. true. just a safety mindset, I have been using screen protector although I know, screen is very tough and robust.
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    New Report Says the iPhone 7 Has Worse Battery Life of All Current Smartphones

    I wouldn't consider apple to apple comparison since other phones have much higher capacity of Battery. I would say iphone performing much better with just 1715 battery size.
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    Email Notifications

    It's surprise Gmail isn't support push yet. In fact, I didn't notice this in Blackberry devices but it seems gmail is problematic for iphone, I suppose.
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    I give up on screen protectors

    I just bought my first iphone 7 128gb black, shifted from Blackberry which I used for 10 yrs or so. I have never used phone without screen guard. Even for this 7, first thing i did to get screen protector.
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    Black theme for iphone 6s

    I have just switched from Blackberry Z30 to iphone 6s. I enjoyed black theme on Blackberry and it was very convenient in readings. iPhone 6s screen is very bright. Is it black theme available?