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    Whenever I send someone a message from my iPad that doesn’t have an iPhone I have to go to text forwarding on my iPhone un highlight it and then re highlight it to put in a code so that it will go through. How can I fix this Thanks Amy
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    I wanted to send an Animoji to my cousin but it says sending and nothing happens. I waited 20 minutes and it still didn’t work. Is anybody else having this problem? Thanks Amy
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    I can’t delete a text message I got from I messages (Facebook). I deleted it from my iPad, but I can’t delete it from my iPhone 6. Is there anyway I can get rid of it? Thanks.
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    Battery usage

    when I go to settings and click on battery, it won’t tell me what apps are using the most percentage. It worked a couple of times but stopped working. It works on my iPad but not my iPhone 6. How do I fix this. Thanks Amy
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    I bought a ringtone for my iPhone and now it went back to the default ring. Is there anything I can do to get it back? It worked fine for awhile. Thanks Amy
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    Takes a long time to start

    my iPhone 6 takes a very long time to start after I have shut it off. Is this normal.
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    Is Iphone 4 going to be obsolete?

    I was AT&T before. I was told I qualify for an IPhone 5 for $100. I was told the 4'woukd be obsolete. Also I would have to pay a connection fee for $36 and then a charger, which is different from the one I have for the car is &30. So much for my $100 phone. I told them I would think about it...
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    Weather channel in season

    I keep getting in season reports for high pollen count in Rye N.Y. I don't live in N.Y. and I can't figure out how to stop it. I don't have it in my favorites either. Hopefully somebody can help me. Thanks Amy
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    I have an Iphone 4 and was wondering if it has gps on it and if it does, does it talk the directions? Also how do I get it to work? Thanks