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    Snap case or bumper

    Which snap case are we talking about? I've had the incase snap case from the free case program, and, thus far, my snap case has kept my iPhone scratch free. I've dropped the phone a few times and, one time, my friend actually threw my iPhone 6 feet in the air while he was drunk, but all I got...
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    Would you like to see the iPhone 4 on Verizon?

    I won't be switching back to Verizon even if they offer it but I'd still like to see them offer it nevertheless. One, because I'm curious how verizon will get past the CDMA's limitations on data traffic and, two, because I think healthy competition is always good for consumers.
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    IvySkin iPhone 4 Reception Case ™

    It took more than three weeks to receive mine and, quite frankly, the case is not worth the wait. It's more impervious to scratches than the Switcheasy Nude case and the build quality is slightly better but it shares the same most annoying problem which is the hideous rainbow effect on spots...
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    Any Bluetooth Headset Recommendations?

    You can grab a jawbone icon at around $50.00 if you look around. Nice thing about it is that it displays the headset's battery level right on the iphone which is kinda neat.
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    iPhone 4 Case Review Thread

    I was thinking of doing that too. It'd be a great combo.
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    Any good apps out there worth having please?

    Other than the normal recommendations, I highly recommend AppAdvice. It is built by the folks at and it keeps you update on the latest news in the app store and tells you all the free/cheap deals that you may miss. They also have numerous lists and recommendations for all kind of...
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    How did I live without this phone! lol

    Wait until you try customizing with winterboards when the jailbreak comes out. You will waste many good hours installing all the cool widgets and icons. :p
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    Ringtones for iphone 4

    1. download a free audio editor (ex. Audacity) 2. open up the audio file in the editor (you may need to convert depending on the extension of your file) 3. cut out the parts you don't want (try to keep it < 30 sec) 4. save it 5. convert the file to .m4a if you're working with other extensions 6...
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    Which free bumper/case would you recommend

    I'm eagerly waiting for the incase line of cases. In my past cases, none came close to incase's simple but elegant designs. I wouldn't mind having a white apple bumper but if I could have only one, it'd be the incase's.
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    iPhone 4 Forums using Tapatalk

    Wasn't there a big exploit that allowed hackers to hack in to some forums? I heard some forums pulled the tapatalk support because of that. I sure hope that's fixed.
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    iPhone 4 Case Review Thread

    SGP Leather Skin Guard I really love this skin. It's not really thick so that it can be used with other cases but it's also thick enough to feel study. It makes the iphone feel very luxurious. It also comes with a clear screen guard and the feel of the guard is somewhat close to iphone's...
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    Geohot jailbreak? Your thoughts.

    Last time I checked his twitter, he said he doesn't even own an iphone 4 and don't plan to jailbreak anytime soon.
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    When should you charge your iPhone 4?

    I've had terrible experiences with battery lives in Apple products and that's when I started doing the once-a-month-full-discharge-and-recharge thing. But, then I learned how to replace the battery on the iphone 3 and now I don't care as much since I can replace the battery easily. I don't...
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    New iPod touch Rumoured

    I'm so excited for the new touch. Hopefully, they'll retain some of the elements from the iphone 4 such as glass, flat back and external antenna for the wifi. Retina display is given at this point.
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    iPhone 4 Forum dot net Hits 1000 Members!

    Wow. And, to think that it's only been a couple of weeks since the release, there'll be a lot more coming for sure.
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    When should you charge your iPhone 4?

    Actually that's not exactly what they're saying. They're saying don't do full discharge too often because it will shorten the life of the battery but do perform a full discharge for every 30 charges to recalibrate the battery, which translates to approximately once a month. This trick is fairly...
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    Apple You Have To Be Kidding About Bumpers and Iphone 4 Stand!

    iSkin always puts out dock compatible cases so you could try that when they are out.
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    Apple You Have To Be Kidding About Bumpers and Iphone 4 Stand!

    I thought it was pretty obvious that the bumper case wouldn't fit in the charging dock. It's just that Apple's been that way for every iphones. I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you.
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    iPhone 4 Jailbreak

    Doesn't look like a fake but I'd rather download the official jailbreak.
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    Steve Jobs Vs. "Tom" on iPhone 4 Antenna Issue

    I would give Mr. Jobs a little more time on this. The phone's only been out for a little over a week and he said they're "working on it" numerous times in multiple emails. I understand the frustration as I'm one of them but you also gotta give them time to fix it.