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    What would you like to see different for the iPhone 5?

    I found that my iPhone consistently gets emails before my blackberry back when I had both on the same exchange server. They are both using 'true' push technology. I think Skull is 100% correct. What you see is google prioritizing traffic. Nothing to do with the handsets.
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    How do you recover overwritten back-up file?

    Try not to panic. iTunes usually keeps multiple backups on a rotating basis, deleting the oldest one every time you make a new backup. So stop doing that first. Then look up online how to select an older backup from itunes. However if you had a password on it and forgot sorry there is nothing...
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    Outlook Contacts Question

    This pretty much says it. I also miss this feature from the blackberry. Unfortunately I have found no way except to edit all my numbers that I will be calling long distance.
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    Moving over to Mac land

    Got to say parallels is great. I was a big VMware fan, and at work it takes the cake, we have pretty big 400+ core implementation. but for workstation virtualization on the Mac parallels has the upper hand. I even virtualized mountain lion for testing.
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    Siri – now taking movie tickets orders

    I think it is just stupid on apple's part that these kind of minor changes or additions to Siri require an iOS update. All of the processing is done on apple servers and all it needs is a well defined passbook API to be able to add purchases of anything. This should have been out with 6.0 along...
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    Iphone 5 buying guide

    I'll stress that for you again. Sometimes crooks will advertise a deal to get a victim into a predetermined location knowing that the victim will be carrying a large quantity of cash. Or the other way around a crook will know the seller will have with them an expensive sellable item. Btw use...
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    10 seconds of use and I get kicked back to the main screen

    If that is happening in every app then I would try a full backup and restore. If it still happens after that then I would suspect that you have a hardware fault such as a short.
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    Is it Possible to Create a Program on a Jailbroken iPhone 3G in Windows?

    If you are serious about developing for the iPhone then you could get a cheap used Mac mini which is plenty to code on and should not cost you too much.
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    Iphone 5 buying guide

    They would not allow you to buy the phone on contract unless you have a local address and credit account that allows them to put you on a legal contract. I would be shocked if they did allow it. On contract means you pay monthly for a fixed amount of voice and data whether you use it or not...
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    Tried all the tricks, can't get Siri to correctly pronounce my friend's name

    Siri is isht! The sooner you realize that the happier you'll be. I had to resort to adding my wife and mom to the aliases so I can use Siri to call them as 'call spouse' or 'call mom' which works. I hate that it could not learn from my address book and prioritize names I call the most. Siri...
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    Got my Apple TV

    Agree. I bought it for that aspect alone. It's literally only slightly more than the iPhone hdmi cable adapter around these parts.
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    Google Adds Voice Search to iOS App

    Curious, but where are you? Wonder if it's a location thing.
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    Google Adds Voice Search to iOS App

    Totally agree, as I said before Siri is a complete joke. The only thing it does well is set appointments - and that's only because apple will not open that up to allow other vendors to do that. It does not work half as well as the built in nuance on recognizing names in my address book.
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    Scott Forstall’s Departure Could Mean iOS Redesign by Jony Ive

    But it is terribly broke. The people that buy the iPhone for the OS design are a very small percent of those who buy it for the hardware design. However I do agree this could end badly if they end up breaking it further by giving people what they don't want or worse forcing people to do things...
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    Apple Expected to Sell 102 Million iPads and 194 Million iPhones Next Year

    106% of the profits eh? That's a good trick ;-)