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    Is my friend's iPhone4S fake?

    I know. :( I'd get a picture but he keeps a case on it and doesnt want to take it off. He did once and I saw the back and nothing looked weird. Only had a glimpse of it though. Thanks for the reply :) let me know if you find any info on fake devices. maybe his is defective? Edit: I'll get a pic...
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    Is my friend's iPhone4S fake?

    I first noticed his iPhone 4S is a bit lighter than mine. Then I noticed the space in between the top of the home button and the bottom of the screen is a bit wider than mine. Same thing at the top of his iPhone by the camera. He can still call people and listen to music. His iOS looks...
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    Whats a good camera app?

    I use Stock Camera, Camera+ or Instagram. For editing I use Photogene² or PerfectPhoto.
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    Siri says Nokia is best phone

    She's obviously displaying the second best smart phone. Siri just doesn't want to appear braggadocios. lol But yeah, mine says it too. Probably because it's new?
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    iPhone4S stand by time

    My iPhone4S was fully charged 100% and I left it over night (around 8 hours) and I woke up with 71%. Why? I thought I had 200 hours of stand by time! I go to work after school with about 20-30% left and when I get off 3.5-4 hours later I had 3% left. -_- Is this normal? My iPod Touch 4 would...
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    How do I post to Twitter, FB, and G+ at once?

    Real funny, but it was a single question. >_>
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    Screen Protector?

    Depends which screen protector you get. Some, like mine, have no negative effect on the screen's amazing display.
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    How do I post to Twitter, FB, and G+ at once?

    Nevermind, I'm going to use HuitSuite. :)
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    How do I post to Twitter, FB, and G+ at once?

    What is the best app to do it? I'd like to attach pictures too so iStatus+ is no good to me :( And if you can only find one that posts to just Twitter and Facebook, that's fine too. Thanks
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    Phone shuts down when taking photos

    What are you talking about? Sent from my iPhone4S using
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    Pod2g now has all 5.1 exploits needed and is working on bypassing ASLR

    You guys would really switch to Android if there was no jailbreak? Man, it kinda hurts to read that. Lol I've been on stock 5.1 iPhone4S for about a month now and still love it. Even after having a jailbroken iTouch 4th Gen for over a year. I guess it's just personal preference, I never use...
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    Phone shuts down when taking photos

    Try different settings like Location Services and see if it still does that. But either way, it shouldn't shut off. I'd restore and not put anything on the phone and see if it still does it. If the phone still shuts off then call apple care and get it swapped.
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    Screen Protector?

    Yes, I can't used a device without one because scratches scare me from PSP experiences years ago.. I have the HD Invisible Shield Full Body
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    Looking for good tweeter client.

    I like Echofon
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    HDR Photo or Original?

    HDR was on the right but for me it just depends.