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    How often do you use Siri?

    Used Siri a couple times to ask funny questions, but she is completely useless to me. Everything I could ask her I can get to quicker by opening an app. I can unlock and get into an app with TouchID before I can even ask a question, and then from there I can get far more information. That and I...
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    Screen Timeout

    Anyone else have issues with the screen timeout being essentially half of what it says? I have mine set at 1 minute, and the screen dims at 20 seconds and turns completely off at 30. Set at 2 minutes, the screen dims at 45 seconds and completely off at 1 minute. I want a minute, so I can just...
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    iPhone 5 Optimized Apps...

    I never said I was expecting all apps to be optimized, I was talking specifically about list type apps. All that would need to be done is make it longer or wider. That's why I specifically brought up eBay, as its been the star of product announcements before, and has yet to make their 'list'...
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    iPhone 5 Optimized Apps...

    Is it just me, or are developers taking a long time to update their apps? I have only had 3 updates to iPhone 5 optimization since launch day, and it seems pretty sad to me that apps that utilize lists almost entirely like eBay, are still in the old resolution. I understand graphically intensive...
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    HTC Rezound vs iPhone 5

    It really wasn't that bad of a phone, the iPhone 5 is just that much better than it. I did have the OG Droid though, that thing was a beast lol Still runs to this day at 1.3GHz, with JB on it lol
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    Time for upgrade (coming from Android world...)

    Couldn't agree more! I originally had the OG Droid, and just came from the Rezound, and love the iPhone 5. When I first got the OG Droid, I was obsessed with flashing ROMs, kernels, everything. Slowly I started not having the time to play on my phone 24/7, so the Rezound was a good choice, as it...
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    iPhone 5 "scuff gate"

    You can try the Zagg Invisible Shields. I believe if you get the maximum coverage you get front, back and side protectors. I had one on my Rezound and 4S, they work amazingly well. I currently have the front and back for my iPhone 5 (the HD kind) and love it. Thin, hardly noticeable, and very...
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    4s for the 5?

    Well here's some questions to ask yourself: Do you often find the screen being too small? Are you afraid of the break-ability of the 4S compared to the 5? Do you often wish you had faster data speeds? Do you want slightly better battery life? (This might be an individual situation, but my 5...
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    how long before apps are updated?

    It all depends on the type of app. For apps that are pretty much just lists, such as facebook, pinterest, pulse, etc, they have already been updated because all they need(ed) to do is make it longer/wider. For apps such as NOVA, or others that are graphically-intensive, it might be a long time...
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    HTC Rezound vs iPhone 5

    I've had the Rezound forever, and have loved it. My fiance just recently used an upgradeto get the iPhone 5, and I was holding off, wanting to play with it before I bought it. I, like probably many of y'all, were initially disappointed when it was announced, as we have known everything about...
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    New to iphone

    Can I still sync my google calendar, gmail and all that to the iPhone? Yes. Just set it up under Settings>Mail when you get it. You can sync email, contacts, tasks, calendars, etc (as a little side note, I generally find the gmail on my iPhone is better than on android phones lol in terms of...
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    Cannot use voice and data simultaneously on Verizon....

    You will not be able to make a call during navigation, as maps requires a data connection. I've never seen it as a problem on Androids Navigation, since it doesn't ever take too long to re-establish data connection.
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    The iPhone 5 – first smartphone to sport a ARM Cortex A15 CPU

    It's not based off of A15, nor is it based off of A9. You need to make sure you know what you're saying before you claim stuff like that.
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    Quick Tip for Verizon iPhone Users

    Sorry, meant to say wouldn't work on anything else other than a sprint iPhone lol
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    Quick Tip for Verizon iPhone Users

    Just wanted to share something that has noticeably improved my data connection/speed. I'm on stock 5.1 with a Verizon 4S, so not sure if it works on anything other than a Sprint iPhone. A few days ago I was having intermittent data problems, such as .06Mbps down, switching between 3G and 2G...