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    iTunes "Back Up Now" button greyed out

    What options do you have enabled/ticked when you scroll down on the same screen
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    iTunes "Back Up Now" button greyed out

    iCloud backups only backup the most important data such as your keychain, notes, etc. I would make it a habit to backup to your PC regularly to make sure the bulk of your phone is preserved.
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    Home button doesn't work, can't "Press home to continue"

    Short of fixing the hardware problems, no. Even if you were to mirror the phone to your computer and control it from there, you'll need to be on the home screen to accept the connecting PC as a trusted device.
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    iTunes "Back Up Now" button greyed out

    Does changing iCloud to This Computer make any difference
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    The "Can I Jailbreak my iPhone on iOS X.X.X" Thread

    Not a legitimate jailbreak. Just want to remind everyone that official TaiG and Pangu sites are here and here respectively. Anything in the form of TaiG or Pangu followed by a number are fake websites. The best way to find out whether a new jailbreak has been released or not is at their...
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    The "Can I Jailbreak my iPhone on iOS X.X.X" Thread

    iPhone SE added to the list. Updated for Pangu 1.3.1 Windows/1.1.1 OSX. Will be keeping this more up to date now that I've got more times on my hand.
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    128 or 64?

    Essentially this. With a variety of media available to stream, you won't need a large storage capacity for your device. But, if you prefer to have music locally stored or even if you use something like Spotify Premium and want your music cached, you'll still need storage to go with it.
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    Tim Cook Confirms Stock Application Deletion May Be Possible In The Future

    In all fairness though, it's not as bad as the bloatware on non-Google Play edition devices with all the carrier junk pre-installed. Yeah, I'm looking at you Verizon...
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    iPad mini with the Plus?

    iOS does a good job with integration, so there's no problem with interdevice activities. Coworker of mine uses the 6+ with the original iPad Mini and there aren't any troubles whatsoever under the assumption that your devices are within the same iOS threshold (i.e. iPad on iOS 8.X, iPhone also...
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    Apple's Big Event is Tomorrow: Here's When, How and What We Expect

    Let's hope that they release the GM to developers a day or two prior to public release like last year. Considering that they made iOS 9 an open beta, the rules may have changed. Really not looking forward to updating 180+ iOS devices to iOS 9 competing for signatures with millions of others...
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    8.4.1 ios unbreakable?

    Pangu discovered a few flaws present in 8.4.1 that were patched in 9 beta. They seem usable for arbitrary execution but there hasn't been any word on whether they'll actually aid in jailbreaking 8.4.1. Considering that its CVE now, someone or some team will more than likely render a utility for...
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    Help unlocking my 4 year old iPhone 4...

    If that's the case, then you can invest in an interposer such as the R-SIM, X-SIM or Gevey (all pretty much the same thing just different Chinese branding). Because you're on the iPhone 4, you'll have to dig really deep to find one that supports the iPhone 4 as most interposers that you can buy...
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    Considering an iPhone 6+

    It comes down to the fact that you can run malicious code a lot easier on Android comparatively speaking. Sideloading APKs allows for greater flexibility in terms of installing applications that cannot be found/are removed/rejected by the Play Store yes, but with respect to users that sideload...
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    Help unlocking my 4 year old iPhone 4...

    Outside of contacting Softbank no. Softbank will do it for free after a 2 year contract, but if you cannot contact Softbank, there are no other options. There are 3rd party options, but they require that you have an active Softbank account on the device to do so. And if I remember correctly...
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    The "Can I Jailbreak my iPhone on iOS X.X.X" Thread

    What Johanna said. UltraSn0w only applies to the iPhone 2G/3G/3GS and iPhone 4 (specifically 01.59.00 baseband). All other phones can be unlocked via hardware unlock using an interposer like the X/R-SIM which will run you anywhere from $20 to $50 depending on which one you get, for which phone...