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    My iPhone is stuck

    hey guys, i got this problem, i jailbroke my iPhone 4 to the 5.1.1 with the new absinthe 2.0.1 on this week, and it worked OK but i just got an update in cydia, the update had to do something with the Jailbreak, and i updated it, and now my iphone is stuck, it sort of respringing every 5 seconds...
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    about upgrading to 5.0.1

    i was attempting to upgrade my device to 5.0.1 and jailbreak it, but apparently iTunes wont let me update to IOS to 5.0.1 since the new release of the 5.1.1, so it doesn't leave me much choices but to wait for the 5.1.1 jailbreak.
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    about upgrading to 5.0.1

    i tried every thing in itunes, it just wont work, i mean there is a tutorial on how to save contacts and stuff like that, trough the info tab of my phone in iTunes but it wont show me that it saved.
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    about upgrading to 5.0.1

    can u tell me how can i save those things please?
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    about upgrading to 5.0.1

    hey guys, i was wondering, my iPhone 4 is on 4.2.1 and i want to upgrade it to 5.0.1 (Jailbroken of course),and i need to know if when i upgrade it and jailbreak it, does it deletes my contact list, my notes and calendar events?
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    Got a problem installing Grand Theft auto 3 on iphone

    hey guys, so i have an iphone 4 with 4.2.1 ios jailbroken, and i seems to have a problem installing GTA3, i tried downloading it from all the site that are shown in the installous , downloaded the gta from the computer and when it gets to the installation part, it always writes me that ipa...
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    Upgrading IOS to 5.0.1

    hey guys, i need help in something. i got the iPhone 4 with IOS 4.2.1 and i want to upgrade it to 5.0.1 and i have never done any Jailbreak upgrade before, so i want to know if when i upgrade my iPhone and jailbreak it again, does it Deletes every thing i got on it, are the tweaks i had...
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    Camera aplication for iphone4

    I was wondering if there is a aplicatiom of a camera with the pousing abillity in the video recorder
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    Iphone4 screen desplay color

    Hi guys, i just noticed that my fathers iphone4 (wich he bought about a year ago) screen display is more whiter then mine, my screen desplay is abit yellow then his. Can someone tell me what may be the reason for that? Does it depends on the version of the phone it self?
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    cydia question

    thanks, it helped me
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    cydia question

    two days ago, my father found an app on cydia and installed it, but when i tried to find the same app , i just didn't found it. any one might know why? is it may be the version of the cydia ? the app i was trying to find is called "CameraLock" this app allow you to access the camera from...
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    iPhone 4 desktop slide application

    yes i ment that and thank you i found it, very cool
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    iPhone 4 desktop slide application

    two days ago i sew a person with the iPhone4 and the slide of the desktop icons is different than mine, is it an application? if it is, please can some one tell me the name of it and where can i get it from? of course my iPhone is jailbreaked
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    Connecting Jailbreaked iphone4 to itunes

    Me and my father got the new iPhone and jailbreaked them, when i connected my iPhone to the iTunes to move some songs, it was successful and unharmed, but when my father tried to do the same thing, iTunes deleted some of his files like games and stuff, any one might know what he did wrong?