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    unkown error (-1) restoring jailbroken iphone 4s

    hello, i had my iphone 4s 64 gb jailbroken with ios 8.4.1 i decided to restore it and delete the jailbreak, and so i put the iphone on recovery mode and went on itunes and hit the update & restore button. at the end of the restore i get the unkown error (-1) and it fails to restore. i am now...
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    Does TinyUmbrella still work?

    he shared only the jgforms and the jgcommon file also you need to download this file Maven Repository: com.jgoodies » jgoodies-looks » 2.7.0 and rename it as jglooks.ja_ and replace it in order for the program to start. had to sign up for this forum just to say thank you for sharing your...