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    Ihrt Lockscreen theme issue

    Ok so i updated to 4.2 JB untethered and I got my Ihrt theme back but I cant get rid of the original bottom slider on the lockscreen... does anybody know the tweak I need
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    Untethered 4.2 JB

    I'm a little familiar with the JB scene but before i update my phone to 4.2 does the new 4.2 untethered JB support doing it from a windows computer??????
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    Jailbreak for 4.2.1 Untethered coming very very soon..

    They havent made a untethered for windows users yet but I heard the mac version is ok
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    iPhone hang after jailbreak iOs 4.2.1

    Yeah bro...everytime you restart your phone you have to REjailbreak it everytime....I'd downgrade OS and wait for untethered to come out
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    How to jailbreak 4.2.1 (tethered)

    need to do a test for windows to playa
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    How to jailbreak 4.2.1 (tethered)

    K so its almost xmas .. is this rumor good or bad??
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    How to jailbreak 4.2.1 (tethered)

    send me a msg dude ill give you the rundown
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    Cydia error

    Purchase wouldn't come up but i figured out what was wrong.......I had the cydia ads removed with ssh but it fucked something up ... i put the ads back on and it worked....also then i removed the ads a different way and everything is fine ;) if anyone wants to remove the ads just follow these...
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    How to jailbreak 4.2.1 (tethered)

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    Cydia error

    how do you sign in???
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    Cydia error

    yes I have ... i used to be able to buy stuff then poof no more???
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    Cydia error

    OK........So everytime I try to downloa something that cost money in cydia I get this error. If its free it goes through just fine.... but if it cost money it doesn't work for some reason. Any help would be appreciated ...Thank you:iphone4horiz:
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    Sup from united States
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    New member

    Yeah Itunes would be the best bet Mohd
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    Remove the cydia ad's & make cydia faster

    On the iphone 4 forum fb page phil posted a video on how to remove the ad's and make cydia faster...did anyone save this video or know how to do it..... Phil deleted it because he didn't know if removing the ad's was legal or not!