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    iPhone 7 or8

    The iPhone 7 in my opinion is tougher than the iPhone 8 because of the glass back, and the iPhone 7 has a aluminium back, but with the iPhone 8 you can do wireless charging, but if you don’t mind using a cable to charge your iPhone I’d go for the iPhone 7
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    It’s simple A11 chip is not compatible with Esim technology, that’s all there’s is to it
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    Should I upgrade from the iphxs to the 11pro?

    Just thinking about is it worth upgrading from the iphXs to the iph11 pro, or should I wait till the next iPhone model because apparent is will be 5g?
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    New XS user

    The iPhone XS is a brilliant phone not to small not to big just the correct size, the only thing is that the price goes up every year, and they’re getting very expensive, but still I would always buy apple over Samsung
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    Over heating

    Phone will get warm because the chip has no ventilation, on a pc or a lap top you have a fan that cools the chip/processor down, with a mobile phone there’s no room for one
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    Is it worth going from the iphx to the iphxs?

    I’ve decided to go for the iPhone XS 256gb, it’s a very nice phone but one of the reasons I went for the iPhone XS is because apple brought out a battery case for it, and that’s a must for me
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    Is it worth going from the iphx to the iphxs?

    I’m thinking about upgrading my iPhone X to the iPhone XS, all I want to know is it worth it?
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    Screen Protector

    I work in a quarry and always have a tempered glass on my iPhone X, I also have to replace often as it gets damaged, but it’s much cheaper than replacing the iPhone X screen
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    iPhone X was stolen.

    A lot of these stolen phone are now going for spare parts, there was a program about it on the tv the others day, as soon as they take the iPhone they turn it off and Dismantle,
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    So what do you think?

    I’ve got the iPhone 8 256gb also very happy
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    Froze up

    When the phone is off the home button doesn’t do anything, so that’s why you should press the power button instead, in my opinion it’s much better less to go wrong with the phone
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    So what do you think?

    I’ve got the standard iPhone 8 256gb, brilliant phone very happy [emoji2] [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]
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    ? about future 6S deep discounts...

    Just a thought, but have you tried Ebay or somewhere like that, sometimes you can get a top quality iPhone much cheaper than getting it from Apple direct, but the negative point with that is no Apple care or warranty
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    iPhone 8 is rapid

    And also if you need to replace the back glass it will cos a small fortune, because of the way the iPhone 8 is assembled