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    AWESOME! 'CustomColor' For Icon Labels + Random Color | iPhone, iPod Touch

    hmm... searching in Big Boss and can't find this. ??
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    IOS5 Jailbreak Strategy Guide

    well... crikey!... this damn cat-mouse bs gets increasingly interesting...still on 4.2.1 on the original 4 with more than acceptable battery life and fascinating but useful keeps nagging me to update; I keep wonderin' why?... going to stay put, and keep the faith w/ the...
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    iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iOS 5 JAILBROKEN! Public Release Coming SOON!

    noobish ? on my part perhaps but hoping this will also be backward-compatible (i.e. iPhone 4 running OS5)? guess we'll see.
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    Who didn't update to iOS 5? Am I alone?

    lookin' at another holdout as well, also on 4.2.1 ;-)
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    Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs has passed away

    Sad news indeed. Having just lost my dad sixteen days ago now, I'm especially moved. Peace to Steve and to his family.
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    iOS 4.3.4 Stops Untethered Jailbreaks Too

    apologies if I've missed earlier discussions -- and maybe am being really noobish here -- but... was there not a rumor (maybe that's all it was) of a chip-level vulnerability that supposedly was to put an end to this continuing b.s. of firmware updates rendering previous jb's useless at least...
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    Latest iBooks Update Detects Jailbreak and Prevents Access to iBookstore Downloads

    indeed... this issue is worth watching... I'm sure there will be a workaround for this bulls*t stupidity... i say pois0n the whole f*g apple cart ... hell... the whole Cupertino orchard...
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    Cant kill iPod process after JB on 4.1

    interesting... i'm still jb'd on 4.01 and not too long ago noticed that the ipod service was running when I *hadn't* started it -- at least not to my knowledge. I have RemoveBG in SBSettings and it doesn't always remove processes, including the ipod service, *but* I can still manually stop it...
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    Jailbreak iPhone 4 iOS 4 Walkthrough With Limera1n

    Thanks, Matrix. As I recall (maybe?..who knows now), I *may* have had the stats momentarily appear the way they are intended to, but then as the phone discharged and/or I rebooted, they disappeared. As of late, even after a full charge, they never appear.
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    Jailbreak iPhone 4 iOS 4 Walkthrough With Limera1n

    Another curiosity... for those of you who exposed your version 4 phones to the ra1n, are your usage stats displaying properly? (Since breaking out of Warden Steve's prison using jailbreakme on v. 4.01, all I've ever seen are dashes instead of accurate usage statistics -- minor annoyance, but...
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    Jailbreak iPhone 4 iOS 4 Walkthrough With Limera1n

    Thanks for the helpful (as always) videos. Apologies for my denseness here but just want confirmation about some things... (1) is Limera1n a low/chip-level exploit impervious to firmware patches like the Pois0n is/was supposed to be? (2) If so, am I correct that you could now restore back to...
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    Phone Disk Browses iOS Devices for Free Through 1 December 2010

    Useful utility. Noted, however, in the preferences setting that one still (of course) would need a jb'd device if you wish to access (as they put it), the "real" root directory. ;-) Thus, this seems, I would think, to be a program much like DiskAid which can also access the true root...
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    "If Found..." way to put on wallpaper?

    did that myself... simply edited the image I have for wallpaper in Photoshop; added text with my owner info on it, and am using that as my lockscreen background.
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    iPhone 4 winterboard themes not displaying properly?

    agreed... somewhat off topic but related, I've given up trying to find battery themes that work... even ones that I think are supposed to be 4.0+ compatible evidently aren't...
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    Last night I dropped my iPhone 4 down the toilet...

    hmmm... personally, I don't plan to conduct any submersion tests... trusting that the commode was free of "contaminants" at the time of splash down? ;-) Hoping the phone continues to work flawlessly and... cheers!