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    Getting rid of Unicorn "frequently used" emojis

    I believe back then when this thread was created, this option wasn't available yet.
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    Getting rid of Unicorn "frequently used" emojis

    I was also annoyed by those, but kinda forgot about them. Seems like if you scroll the "frequently used" to the left, it will stay on that side. Tapping on the clock icon toggles between the actually frequently used and those pesky unicorns. And it stays that way.
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    "On My iPhone" Downloads and other folders not available on computer?

    Not sure if this is a bug or again some "security" "feature", but I can't seem to find the new Downloads folder (or any other folders I created within the Files app in the "On My iPhone" section) anywhere when viewing the structure from the computer (tried with iMazing, iFunbox, and also, albeit...
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    Unable to add ringtones via iTunes

    As it turns out, I can't add ringtones to my iPhone anymore with iTunes. If I go to "On My Device / Tones", there's a list of all previously imported ringtones on the right. However, when I try to drag&drop a new one (either to the right side, or to the toolbar/Tones on the left), I get the...
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    How to see/remove "ghost" documents on iCloud?

    I already did that, but there's nothing there... just this:
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    How to see/remove "ghost" documents on iCloud?

    My iCloud shows me (either on site, as shown on the attached screenshot, or via Settings "app" on iDevices) that it contains some "documents". It's not about the size, but I'm curious to see what these ghost documents are, and how to delete them. The thing is, I don't even use most...
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    Background app refresh - for content or everything?

    Is Background App Refresh in iOS 9 only for updating app content in the background, or for anything related to background tasks? At the end of this page About Multitasking on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support it says "With Background App Refresh, suspended apps can check for...
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    Does Apple now randomly force iMessage/Facetime activation?

    Ever since I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 9, I've noticed that I occasionally get that dialog box notifying me that carrier charges may incur for activating iMessages/Facetime (with Cancel/OK choices). I don't use these two anymore, so I was wondering whether this is some sort of a new...
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    Calendar and tomorrow widgets not refreshing

    Nothing, those are just example screenshots from some day. The point is that the Tomorrow on iPhone ends with just that - the header (screenshot #2). And it's always like that, no matter whether there are things scheduled the next day or not. The above pictures should be more or less identical...
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    Calendar and tomorrow widgets not refreshing

    Update... on 8.3 it's a bit different. Better now, except that the Tomorrow Widget seems "closed" on iPhone, thus not showing anything. Any idea how to fix this? This is normal behavior (as on iPad): ...and this is on my iPhone 6 (closed Tomorrow Widget - it only shows the sentence about the...
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    Calendar and tomorrow widgets not refreshing

    I only use Calendar and Tomorrow Summary widgets on my iPhone and iPad, and I've noticed that they're not refreshing correctly or regularly. I haven't noticed any pattern, but they either don't refresh for a few days or refresh randomly. For instance, they were empty on my iPhone during the...
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    Getting a replacement iPhone when battery is dying

    And as I also gained the ability to change the battery, I'll probably do this myself. :)
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    Diag codes?

    I've seen at an Apple service that they entered some diag codes into Safari to get more detailed info on the battery. I think the URL was like diag:####, where #### was a number. It launched an app of a sort, which disappeared after going out of foreground. Does anyone know where those codes...
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    Getting a replacement iPhone when battery is dying

    I've heard you can get a brand new (?) iPhone if your battery has reached a certain point of old age and use, by turning the old device in, paying some fee, and waiting a few days/weeks. Does anyone know if you really get a new or just a refurbished one? I heard you only get 3 months of warranty...
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    Deleting stuff and free space availability

    Is there a (significant) delay after you delete something on your iPhone (or any iOS device, I suppose) before that space is actually available again (shown in Settings and/or other system tools apps)? Namely, I deleted an app (a file manager/repository) today with 30+ GB of data (because it...