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    simple way to make mobile website to an app

    developer toy can embed your website for wordpress website here is the tutorial: Create an app embeded your blog | Thoth's Workshop
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    Group Email Solution

    Group Email with Attachments, Templates and Logs AppStoreLink: Group Email Solution for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store The only group email app can even send html newsletters to groups. Features: 1, Manage Group Contact Use exist group, add, rename...
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    I am an iOS developer
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    I am new here. I think it's better to allow adding Image and links for newbie
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    Whats your favorite app.

    My favorite app change all the time. I love my own app best.
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    Create your own Christmas soundboard app : Developer Toy 2.1

    An iPhone app to create another iPhone app. That's what Developer Toy do. It's not just the best mockup application for iPhone, but also you can create some simple applications right on your iPhone, no coding skills needed. Now it's Christmas season, With new update of Developer Toy, you...