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    Pioneer head unit with iphone support

    Hey guys, I recently had a Pioneer head unit installed in my car. It supports ipod/iphone via usb hook ups in the front (as well as an aux imput on the front if i dont have my usb cord). My problem is that when I use the USB cable I can listen to my itunes fine, but when I switch it to "app...
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    Hey bro, a while back there was a thread going about a car dock that plugs into the cig lighter...

    Hey bro, a while back there was a thread going about a car dock that plugs into the cig lighter. i was thinking you posted a link to one you had and liked. im finally in the market for one, do you still have that link?
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    Looking For a Car Dock.

    someone shared a link a while back for one that plugs into your cig lighter and charges the phone but is suspended with said charger. ill have to look for the post
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    Is there an iPhone 4 alarm clock charging/docking station

    my alarm clock and charging station from best buy that i had for my 3g works fine for my 4. i always get the error about it not being made for this device, but it plays my ipod music and charges everytime. may be something to consider. ill try to find the make model when i get home if you want.
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    Otter box case

    You could always turn the phone so the screen points out. But I guess thats a bigger liability than the camera. lol
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    Looking 4 case with extra protection for dock-port and 3,5 jack

    I loved mine on my 3g. Just recieved my iphone 4 model otterbox. Loving it so far. The 3g one protected everything on mine from multiple drops, and protected everything but the screen when it fell out of the holster and i ran it over by accident. I think the only reason it didnt save the...
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    White on black display

    they should do an update on this. i like the look of the folders and txt, but i dont like it changing everything on the phone negative. makes my daughter look creepy on my background. lol
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    Private folders??

    remove the apps, then just login on the safari. thats one approach to the situation
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    Camera Test - Droid X vs iPhone 4

    i forget which site i read it on, but they were talking about pre-launch on both platforms its the software that renders the better image for the iphone 4. appears to be true now. go iphone!
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    What are your top 5/10 APPS!

    iDygest is my fav. great for news on apple stuff. angry birds crush the castle legends pocket big brother thats my top 5.
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    Private folders??

    i think he is wanting to hide things without the girlfriend finding out he is hiding things. if he puts the lock on there she will be aware he is hiding things. lol
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    Private folders??

    HAHA no kidding. maybe you need another iphone for personal "personal" use
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    Private folders??

    HAHAHA. sorry. just amusing at first. i see what you mean, but not any way i know of.
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    anyone have the otterbox yet?

    Still waiting on mine. about to go nuts without it. but i called otter, and they said we should get an email confirmation when it ACTUALLY ships. hopefully that will be sooner than later