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    Disappointed Alot

    Thank you for the enlightenment, however, no one ever questioned whether it was some devices or all. I was just trying to get a better feel for this rattle should I go forward with this switch. Thanks though.
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    Disappointed Alot

    Strange...Strange that there's a rattle but even more strange that you can identify it as the camera that is rattling. Do you see the lens moving when you shake it? Is that how you know it's the camera? I don't know I wouldn't put up with that!
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    Disappointed Alot

    I am thinking of upgrading to iPhone 4S. I have the 4 right now; I am thinking of adding a family member to my plan. I would be giving my 4 to them and getting a 4S for myself so I am very concerned about performance, etc. before I make this move. Could someone elaborate on this camera...
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    Bluetooth not working great

    I'm on my 4th headset with my iP4! It's ridiculous! I've tried headsets that I've had in the past with other phones that worked great, I've tried other headsets that other people swear by. I am convinced that it's a problem with the iPhone. Some headsets people say I sound great and with others...
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    Sent mail (from iP4) does not show up on Outlook "Sent Mail"

    That really was NO help but thanks for that effort. Another thing I tried: I just sent an email from the server (Gmail) and it showed up on the phone as SENT mail but showed up in Outlook in my INBOX but not in SENT mail. If someone has any helpful info I would appreciate it.
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    Sent mail (from iP4) does not show up on Outlook "Sent Mail"

    When I SEND mail from my iPhone it shows up in "Sent Mail" on the server but NOT on Outlook 2003. When I SEND mail from Outlook it shows up on the server AND on my phone. I really need to have the SENT mail show up on Outlook when I send from the phone. I have a Gmail account, I have Windows...
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    The (average) iPhone user

    Doesn't seem like a completely objective study if you want to exclude what you stated in your original post. You said: "I’m not interested in answers like 'I chose my iPhone because it looks beautiful' or 'I chose the HTC Desire because of the many apps I can download'." Do you have any...
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    Virgin 4ger

    I have a question about jailbreaking. I understand if you have a problem that you would most likely do a restore before you took it to Apple to maintain your warranty. Well, what happens if your phone goes down and you can't even power up the phone to do a restore? Are you just out of luck as...
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    My battery life didn't change with 4.3.1; it's still terrible.
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    Twitter or Facebook?

    facebook for facebook and twitter for twitter.
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    Help Me! :(

    I'm afraid if you have to be told how, it wouldn't do any good to know. Most of the time if you come to love someone, that person already knows which makes telling them...easy. If they don't know, it may be because you really don't love them and are really having feelings of infatuation, in...
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    Iphone replacement screen ! HELP

    Does anyone have any idea how much Apple would charge to replace a screen? Just curious...
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    Ios 4.3/4.3.1

    Same here; I've lost 30% (100% to 70%) from 7:00am to now 11:30. It's crazy, all I have done this morning is send a few emails, check fb a few times and that's about it. I've not made one phone call! I constantly keep apps closed that I'm not using. I completely drain every day (at least I would...
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    Whats your favorite app.

    "Dragon Dictation" This is a free app for speak-to-text, I won't say it's flawless but it saves so much time. Give it a try, play around with it to learn it and I think you'll agree. I haven't tried yet but I'm told if it types a word incorrectly that you use frequently, you can edit the word...
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    Is Blackberry better then iPhone?

    Is iPhone better than BlackBerry? That's like saying...Is a Vette better than a 2500HD Duramax diesel 4-wheel drive crew-cab? That all kind of depends on what you're doing. There are SEVERAL things I miss about the BB, but obviously I am doing without those things to gain what I get with the iP4.