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    New To Iphone

    Welcome to the forums. Sounds like you're enjoying your new device. What made you switch?
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    Big Bang Theory fans

    Am I the only one that likes: "You hit me! I'm bleeding!" Cracks me up every time.
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    Post your lock screens!

    My baby.
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    iPhone without a camera

    Is there a chance the new job will pay for the new phone? As you've mentioned BlackBerry devices and perhaps some good old flip phones are the only choices I see with the no camera option. You could have a work phone and your personal phone. Not too uncommon these days. Just a pain to have more...
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    That's the spirit! Welcome to the forums. :)
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    popup blocker

    Oh ok. I wasn't aware that was a constant thing. Thank-you.
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    popup blocker

    So I'm trying to download popup blocker from cydia. However, during the dowload I get error messages and the download times out. Anyone ever have this problem?
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    Customizing sms tone names?

    I used a program called Diskaid. This allowed me to access my phones root folders where my sms tones were located. Once you're in there you can replace the tones that are in there but, you have to use file names that already exist in the phone and can't make new ones.
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    Customizing sms tone names?

    Well that's interesting. That's going to mess with my head.
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    Customizing sms tone names?

    Ok so I finally figured out how I can replace the stock sms tones with ones that I choose. Right now I changed the "Tri-Tone" ring to a click from "Jar of Hearts". The thing is it still has the name "Tri-Tone". Is there anyway I can change the name to say "Jar of Hearts"? Or is there a way to...
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    Phone won't turn on?

    That worked. . .thankyou :)
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    Custom SMS

    From what I've been told you can't use custom Ringtones for SMS unless you jailbreak.
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    Phone won't turn on?

    I was following the Greenpois0n jailbreak guide and I think I F***ed up. I got to step five. However, instead of getting the ready to jailbreak! button in step six I get a Try Again button. I tried it a second time and decided to re-read to make sure I was doing this right. However, I noticed my...
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    So SHould i Jailbreak, Whos done it

    Fair enough on the price comment. So I gotta ask how many people asked you "Is that a new Iphone?"
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    So SHould i Jailbreak, Whos done it

    I know I've read up on it. The main reason I didn't was because I was so close to getting a new phone by the time I took interest that I figured I'd just wait. If I was getting another droid I would've to see how rooting worked. But, seeing I have brand new iphone I'm gonna make sure I get the...