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    What Phone are you upgrading from?

    Upgraded from a iPhone 4 to a iPhone 4S 64MB........:cool:
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    Ios 5.1 update, anyone notice

    Ok, Thanks...I was wondering, but the Speed is faster, a lot faster.....:cool:
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    Ios 5.1 update, anyone notice

    I have the 4G on my phone as well after the update for ATT&T, for the iPhone 4S, but with the iPhone 4, it was not there, and we do have the 4G n our is the speed 4G or not.....:confused:
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    My iPhone 4 is dead

    This also happen 2 me yesterday, the Apple rep said I got water down in the bottom of phone when I put the phone n the cup holder...I asked him is it a IOS-5 problem...he said no, but it looks like it....
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    Battle Royale!

    I like both...:)
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    Who's buying the Apple TV?

    Changed Mind...LOL...and Brought it...Love it...:D
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    How would you rate AT&T's network?

    9...Never really had a problems
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    Who wants the iPhone 5?!

    I want it if it has bigger screen, and 4G..
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    Could This Be What the iPhone 5 Looks Like?

    Sweet...can't wait 2 get mines....:D
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    AT&T Vice President Says iPhone 5 Coming in Early October

    But will it b 4G...:confused:
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    iPhone 5 To Ship in September

    Is it going 2 b 4G or 4GS......I hear that is not......anyone else hear that....
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    Daylight Savings Clock Bug Hitting Some iPhones in US

    No one that I know of had a problem, n the Detroit area...:D
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    Bon Jovi Blames Steve Jobs For Destroying The Magic

    I'm an old head, and I love iTunes, I can pick out the songs I want and leave the crap out that I don't want....sounds like Bon Jovi wants some of Steve money....:p