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    Successful port of siri on my iphone 4 !

    I have also been looking in to getting Siri on my iP4 and i come across Spire but also read a lot of people reporting that most of their apps stopped working with it. So i did some more hunting around and found another one called "SiriPort" which you don't need to set a Proxy up. You just need...
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    Super Monkey Ball 2 and Streets of Rage 2 for iOS Go Free for One Day

    It's available for free now. Just checked and got it :)
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    Is this normal?

    It's completely normal Ferrari. Personally i prefer it this way because i didn't like the icon saying iPod when i'm using an iPhone 4. I know i'm a fussy sod. lol
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    Super Monkey Ball 2 and Streets of Rage 2 for iOS Go Free for One Day

    Hmm, it's the 23rd and i've been checking for this offer. Still nothing yet... Do they have a specific time for release?
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    Phone Ring Time

    Best advise. It's the first thing i do with any new handset. More so for the kids because they always seem to take ages to answer then never check their voicemail anyway. Plus nobody (Or not many people) ever seem to like leaving messeges on voicemail... If you don't need or rely on voicemail...
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    Voice Recognition on iPhone is awful

    Very true but time will tell. Has we know there are some amazing people out there that have made the impossible, possible. The thing is that they have proved though that the iP4 is completely capable of running something such as Siri were lot's of people said that the iP4 hardware wasn't up to...
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    Voice Recognition on iPhone is awful

    The minor glitch was a GPU driver missing for Siri to work smoothly on the iP4. That has been sorted now and Siri now works more or less perfectly on the iP4.
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    imessage is great!!...but...

    Just thought you might be interested in the free app "iMessenger" on the App Store, Byebbm09 because from your discription it is exactly what you are looking for. Of course it would mean everyone getting the app but seeing as it's free and a small download.
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    Huh! So what you are saying is the iPhone 4 will become laggy and buggy under iOS5? Because if it is what you are saying you are wrong. Mine is running loads better under iOS5. Just as snappy as the day it was bought, also i seem to be getting better battery life out of it. And you don't have...
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    Yeh well i've had my problems with it. Took 3 hours to download iOS 5 last night. Ended up having to redownload it today in 4 minutes. But that was only the half of it. Error messages after errors. Finally got it sorted and i'm Billy-no-mates now who is unable to play with "iMessage and Find my...
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    Still waiting for my friends to update to iOS 5... lol
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    iOS 5 custom ringtones no where to be found

    What i did to get them working again, even though they were there on my phone in iTunes "ringtones" (But weren't showing on the Phone itself) was to delete them all from the phone (I had an actual backup of all my custom tones) and then dragged them to the Library. Then from there in to...
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    3200 error code

    I can't get around this damn "Error 3194" that i have been getting since the beginning of iOS 5 coming out yesterday. Things i have tried are, re-downloading iOS 5.IPSW file. Un-installing/re-installing iTunes. Made sure my PC is fully up to date. Tried with my Antivirus and firewall turned...
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    Error 3200 IOS5 update

    Yep. Sorry noticed after i'd posted in here *Blush* :)
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    3200 error code

    So i keep seeing everyone else get Error 3200. Just a bit miffed that there's only me who seems to be getting Error 3194 lol I've searched on it and it trys telling me what i already knew. So i am presuming it's still something to do with server loads. Oh well, I have a day off work tomorrow...