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    Red pocket

    I have red pocket for a day and so far so good The plan I have is the $60 unlimited call text and 2gb data and 200 international minutes with roll over minutes on international minutes. I want to know if I should stay with red pocket or get straight talk? I know straight talk claims to have...
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    iOS 5.1 Released

    Yes it does let you !!
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    Cracked apps from installous !! Help

    I have a question is it possible to have an iPhone 4s jailbroken with lots of crack apps and pass those apps over to another iphone 4s that's not jailbroken?
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    Battery drain

    Okay after I jailbroke my iPhone seriously my battery has been draining like hell. Has this happen to anyone? Before my battery was able to last 10% over night n in the morning it would be 3% now it will die fast if it's 10% now it will die in about 7 minutes help anyone or suggestions.
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    What Problems Has Jailbreaking Caused Your IPhone

    Battery Drained but I figured out what tweaks caused that matter !! No I only have the main thing I jailbreak for and that is bite SMS
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    iphone 4 help please

    Taking to the Shop like you said, buying the repairs yourself and getting it done maybe at a lower price or if it still has warranty take it to apple
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    Is anyone else having these issues or am I just unlucky? (iPhone 4s, iOS 5.0.1)

    Do a hard reset or restore your iPhone. I'm pretty sure you have it jailbroken; it might be something you've install recently that might be causing those actions. I had a similar problem on my iPhone with Winterboard and I removed it now my phones works better n it's not draining my battery are...
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    iPhone 4s Visual VoiceMail

    Hi does anyone know a way to get visual voice mail on an iPhone 4s factory unlocked on Tmobile service ?!
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    Downgrade to 4.x.x without blobs.

    Um no don't think it's possible
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    iPhone 4s Tmobile mms settings

    That's what I did when I first got my iPhone and everything was working until now
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    iPhone 4s Tmobile mms settings

    There is no such thing as 3G toggle in iPhone 4s factory unlocked I called Tmobile and it was a waist of time they couldn't help I guess ill have to do some research
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    iPhone 4s Tmobile mms settings

    Okay and what exactly is VPN?
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    Bought iphone 4s that still connected. Now what.

    I'm guess you bought either sprint or Verizon and most likely he won't answer means your iPhone as bad esn now and won't be able to connected most cases an iPhone like this is only worth as "iPod touch" But if you do et untouched with the previous owner tell him to disconnect
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    iPhone 4s Tmobile mms settings

    Okay I just checked and I can receive pictures through messaging but I can't seem to send
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    iPhone 4s Tmobile mms settings

    Okay so I'm having trouble with my iPhone 4s mms, when I first got my iPhone I changed the mms plist since I have a factory unlocked iPhone everything was working good pictures would go through and I would be able to receive as well but just yesterday or 2 days ago I have been trying to send...