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    Facetime Anyone

    Just curious - why would you post your number on a forum versus in a private message?
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    New and confused!

    Correct, in bookmarks:
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    When should you charge your iPhone 4?

    Why do people guess and give advice? Google and Apple are your friends: Apple - Batteries - iPhone
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    'Voice Control?'...

    Indeed. Hold the home button for about 3 seconds and it will appear. Pretty accurate on recognition.
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    Cool Down

    I just got a black screen with a yellow triangle that states the Iphoone must cool down before using? I was not charging, it just sitting on counter. If i tried to use it went into emergency dial mode only? Any ideas?
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    More interesting info on antenna......

    Hope it is okay to cut & paste from another website -- Macrumors: As noted by Engadget, Apple has been busy posting job listings for engineers to work on design and testing of antennas for the company's iPhone and iPad. While Apple typically posts a number of new job listings each day, the...
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    Reason behind white iPhone 4 delay?

    Rumors, rumors, and mis-information...... This employee has zero information from any reliable source.
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    Where do you live?

    Jackson, MS & NYC - reception in MS is better than NYC!!!
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    What AT&T plan do you have?

    WSAD - you pay more for limited minutes than I do for unlimited. If you are in the USA, I suggest you check into unlimited and save $6 a month.....
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    What AT&T plan do you have?

    Unlimited minutes, texts, web for $119.
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    Interesting conversation while at Apple Store

    Had a reservation and showed up at 6:15 AM for a 7:00 AM opening. Perhaps 300 in line. At 6:45 they spolit the line in 2 - reservation and not. I moved up to about 50th in line. Free water, donuts, breakfast sandwiches, juice - a cool "event". Doors opened on time, very organized and I was...
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    Mail question

    Glad you got it sorted out. Sorry I couldn't help you more! Enjoy.
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    How to install PDF files?

    GoodReader is a great app! I have all kinds of PDFs and spreadsheets on it.
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    Have you had signal loss problems?

    I have a bumber case, Apple gave it to me for $0.00!, and I have no problems. What I have noticed is the signal bars fluctuate dramatically but it has no impact on reception or calls.
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    Mail question

    on your distribution list, fat fingers spelling last post LOL, what email program? In Outlook it is under "actions".