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    iPhone 4 Battery Specs

    Agreed, I see a marked improvement over the other iPhones. Personaly I use battery doctor once a week and I NEVER charge before it below 20% remaining. When I do charge its full up to 100% and then once a week with battery doctor I do a full charge to 100% and a trickly charge for 20min...
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    Battery Question

    I would monitor it closely, not leave it plugged in over night (In case of fire) or until you ensure that its not anything major. Using a powerstrip or something to that effect can also help.
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    Iphone 4 is a disappointment

    There are way too many factors to consider and really the best avenue of approach is the one you are taking. In one of our field problems in Korea we had a shot (LOS) that would drop the exact same time every night, long story short a train was cutting thru the shot and causing it to drop...
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    A Newbie to the forums, but not to gadgets.

    Hello and good evening all. I am new to the iPhone4 website and forums but not to gadgets (Wireless, Consoles, ect). I spent 6yrs in the Army in the communications field (Signal to be exact) and ever since then I have been a gadget freak. I was one of the lucky 600,000 or so to get in on...
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    Apple Issues New iPhone 4 Statement

    Thats all well and good, but a lot depends on where and when you purchased your phone. If you purchased (Pre-ordered) on the 15th of June, you have until the 15th of July to return your product. Some places go by the order date and not the ship or recieved date unfortunatly. For the rest of...
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    iPhone 4 Battery Last Longer

    I can back those claims, but it would have made more sense to use a new out of the box 3GS vs a 4 because with time any battery is going to degrade and hold less of a charge not to mention how many charges did the 3GS battery already have on it? In my own testing (Read. normal everyday use)...
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    Fallout from Apple's iPhone 4 "Bar Situation" Continues

    Let us also not forget the Millions and Millions of users in total that Apple has amassed with their iDevices, because one would assume that this affects the iPad 3G/WiFi version as well as all iPhones in circulation that will once the software goes live will have crappy or NO service in the...