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    UDID registration for iOS 5 beta

    Sorry guys I only have 10 slots left and I'm not just going to give them away and I'm not allowed to advertise my site on here. I have a friend that also has a dev account I'll ask him if he will put some of ye on his account for free.
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    iOS 5 Beta Go to my site to register please

    iOS 5 Beta Go to my site to register please
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    Ios 5

    Ya there has been alot of people saying it's bad and alot saying it's the same but mine is so bad right now, I've tried exiting all the safari web pages and stopping all the apps in multitasking but it's still as bad and my phone is only a month old. But that's why the OS is still beta I suppose.
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    UDID registration for iOS 5 beta

    OK I removed the link to my site because it contained all the downloads that are not supposed to be posted.
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    UDID registration for iOS 5 beta

    Anyone interested in getting registered on my apple development account to get iOS 5? I will have your UDID registered within 1-6 hours depending on how busy I am. If this is against the forum rules then please delete the topic and I'm sorry.
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    Ios 5

    I've been using iOS 5 beta now with 2 days and I think it is really good but I find it a strain on the battery. Hopefully apple will fix this soon then this will be a great OS
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    New member

    Just wanted to say hello and I look forward to getting to know you all.
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    LED Flash Alerts iOS 5 For iPhone 4

    I personally think this is a great idea my uncle is deaf and this would be very handy for him.