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    import photos from iphone into folders on pc

    I would like to import my photos off my iphone and have them automatically go into folders (with dates of when photo was taken) I don't want to have to drag drop or create new folders. Is there is way our pc or an app can create folders with the date of when the photos were taken and import...
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    apple watch workout ring not working

    More FYI-I got my apple watch wet on Saturday and everything worked but my activities. I finally turned my apple watch off for about 2 hours and the ring activity did not work immediately after I turned it back on. It actually started working while writing this thread. Yeah, found the fix.
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    App idea and request ! ! !

    In the past when I would connect to itunes, I was able to exports my pictures into files and the folders had dates. I have a windows PC and now I don't have that option, it seems the itunes does not have the option to export my pictures and put them into folders. What is the easiest and...
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    Sounds on xr

    Hello Everyone, I have an iphone XR been noticing lately that there is no sounds for calls, texts, email, etc. I have been missing lots of calls, and text, etc. I have to keep looking at my phone and that is when I see my missed calls, etc. I have an iwatch and I sometimes get my alerts on...