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    iPhone 4 Case Review Thread

    That's how my clear belkin grip vue looked when I got it new. Mine has now turned a brown color....
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    iPhone 4 Case Review Thread

    I got another Belkin Grip Vue since my clear one turned like a brown color but this one is the "Black Pearl color". I won it on ebay at a price of $9.00 so I bought it. I'm rocking the free apple bumper but when I get tired I'll swap it out... Here it is, I can't seem to find ACTUAL pics of it...
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    Need a app that will change your number when you call someone

    Jail broken iphone and download caller ID faker.... you can change the number they will see on their end....
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    iPhone 4 Jailbreak OFFICIAL How To

    I'm now jailbroken! I cant wait to use all the cool features...
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    Got my new bumper

    I got my bumper this past weekend and have been using it ever since. I like it a lot but I wana install some type of thick over lay for the back of the phone....
  6. S not working?

    Thanks for the heads up, could you hook me up with that link?
  7. S not working?

    Which error?
  8. S not working?

    Alright new problem rose. I can now access the website but when I slide to jailbreak it says file download was invalid then says retry or cancel I click retry and same message pops up...
  9. S not working?

    Thanks so much it worked! Idk why it wasn't working before when I just typed with out the www. When the jailbreak first came out I put that address in and had no problems... Good thing is it's now solved... Thanks again
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    I hope so, I tried loggin on the site with me lap top and the site seems to work showing the info on the jailbreak. On the phone I'm having no luck...
  11. S not working?

    No, I'm still rocking the 4.0 I thought if upgraded that you can't jailbreak anymore that's why I stuck with the 4.0...
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    Recommend me a screen pritector

    I bought 2 sets from ebay for like $4, they fit great and didn't bubble up on me. Their the static cling kind that use no water...
  13. S not working?

    So, after the jail break for the 4 had came out I was deciding on whether I wanted to go ahead and do it after hearing some had freezing problems or a lot of the apps themes and other things weren't working yet. I know more people have had NO PROBLEMS then people HAVING PROBLEMS with the...
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    Apple iPhone 4 BUMPER Case Review

    Got my free apple bumper in the mail today. I ordered it through the app on 7/25 and received it today 8/14. I got it early, it said on the apple email that delivery date was 9/3.... Just a heads up
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    Hands On Vapor4 Case Review

    Cool review!