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    Anyone currently running a special to get an iPhone 6?

    So you mean like the Verizon deal? Trade in any iPhone 4 or up and get $200 toward an iPhone 6. You can get a 16gb free with a 2 year contract. Today is the last day.
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    Size it up! iPhone 6 Photo Contest!

    A couple more
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    What is the Best Brand for iPhone 6 Case?

    I have a kayscase soft case currently. I like it, but it can't sit on the 30pin-lightning adapter on my clock radio because it covers around the lightning connector. I may end up trying an apple case to remedy that.
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    Size it up! iPhone 6 Photo Contest!

    3.5" HDD :)
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    New member hello

    Howdy, Just found this from another of Dan's sites. Thought I would say hello. I am not new to iPhones, I have had several. Looking forward to the info you guys have on the site.