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    Is it worth going from the iphx to the iphxs?

    Isn't the big difference basically the availability of 512 gb? That alone would do it for me. Then again 1tb will probably be available next year as it is on the new ipad.
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    Which iPhone would you consider the best of all??

    I hate that glass back on my 8+. Had I been able to get 256 on a 7+ I would've bought it instead. The glass on the 8's looks nice but just adds another destruction opportunity. Also my 7 that I had had no issues using my Lexar lightening micro SD reader with 128 gb cards. My 8+ will only...
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    iPhone 8 Case Reviews and more

    Here's what I noticed. My wife bought me a lifeproof FRE case for my ip8+. The case seems to interfere with the normal operation of the phone. Audio was no issue but when using anything that involved holding the phone button and using siri, the display would go out like the sleep button was...
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    Brand New iphone 6

    Hope you enjoy. It's an excellent phone. I had one and the only reason I got a 7 was to get 128gb storage. Otherwise, I would've kept it. I gave it to my newphew and he still uses it 4 years later.
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    How to upload/download pics from my laptop to iPhone?

    Try this. Full version is $5 and lite version is free. Works perfectly. ‎Remote File Manager
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    What Was Your Very First Apple Device.

    2 ipod classics; one for wife and one for self. Later she bought another ipod classic 160gb and a 64gb touch.
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    Photos taken with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

    Many thanks.
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    Iphone ringtone application

    Download EDITED from EDITED. No jail break required. It will allow any sound file to upload onto the phone as a ring tone. As to why the other person in this thread said for you to use the stock ring tones is beyond me.
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    Iphone 8+ Compatible External Micro SD Reader

    Oddly enough, my 7 had updated to 12 and it worked fine on that one.
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    Iphone 8+ Compatible External Micro SD Reader

    Whoops! It was the earlier version but this AM my phone updated to 12.1.
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    iPhone 7 strange photos

    Do you by any chance have it in a lifeproof case? Mine did weird stuff in that case. Took case off and put on an otterbox and it went away. I'm still trying to figure out that burn artifact in the last pic.
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    At Epcot

    Epcot is so cool. Love the Garden Grill.