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    Prepaid iphone

    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Arial]Most people who are interested in this phone are also very interested in the Internet. Why have a touch screen if you aren't going to take advantage of it to browse around? You're not limited to contracts to use this either. Many of the pre paid companies will let...
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    Ditching blackberry for iphone

    I had a blackberry and ported my number over to a different service provider just to find out that the new service provider didn't work in my house. So I switched back to my blackberry and I guess in the process, my email information got deleted.
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    Iphone4 Issues?

    The iPhone 4 is going to be released very soon, and many people have attempted to get their iPhone pre-ordered, but it seems impossible to get even get that. So when you're looking forward to the new iPhone, you have to remember that you may have to wait for them to come out in stores for...
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    often restore iphone4 ??

    If you are looking for good CRM applications for your iPhone 4 check this article. Here are some of the most awarded ones. Sales EZi CRM app - This app is considered one of the most rewarded and often mentioned apps with its features that help sales people.
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    iPhone 4 loses Wi-Fi network

    In early February, Verizon will become the second wireless carrier in the United States to carry the iPhone. Up until now, AT&T had an exclusive in the US. Both will carry the iPhone 4, but there are some differences between the two. Here's what you need to know when selecting either the...
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    Radio on the iphone

    The iPhone is a cell phone with an mp3 player, a digital camera, real time video, Google Maps, photo storage, email and internet access. Gee, it seems like this smartphone has just about everything anybody could want, that is . . . except FM radio.There used to be a time when the portable...