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    What other Apple products do you own?

    Well at the moment, i own an iPhone 4, but i will be getting a macbook pro soon :)
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    IPhone 4 white

    I didnt even know the white iPhone 4 had been released yet...
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    My iPhone 4 Shipped!

    Hope you get yours soon, i got mine 1 day after lauch day, got very lucky there, but very happy, hope you get yours soon :D
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    Iphone4 stopped working

    Nice bit of information there DB, will keep it handy incase i should ever need it :)
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    Reason behind white iPhone 4 delay?

    Well least they are taking the time to fix 1 problem...
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    iPhone "Colorlays" - personalize your iPhone!

    These looks pretty good, i might get one :) , I actualy like the HTC extended battery one...might get a HTC as well lol (that was a joke, im not going to do that...)
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    ChatRoulette For The iPhone Is Here And It's FREE

    lol, chatroulette is mostly full of old men who are looking for girls to have a 'nice chat' with, i used to once to see what eeryone was talking about, it was crap lol.
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    Iphone4 Issues?

    I have an invisi shield on my iPhone 4, seems to be holding up ok at the moment...
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    Fed up with antenna problems!

    They are taking the mick telling everyone there holding the iPhones wrong...they built them wrong (some of them, not all of them), i mean, mine woks fine, but if it didnt, i would be super pi**ed. I dont want to have to use a case on my iPhone either, i like how it looks, dont want to spoil it...
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    new iphone 4 owner

    I think appl are having a laugh telling people to hold the phone differently, they made a mistake, they should fix it, not tell us we are holding are phones wrong...