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    Best case?

    I also have a lifeproof case. If you get any scratch or anything on it they will replace it for you. The best I have ever had. It's Been dropped many times. Very protected. Easy to hold.
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    photos upside down

    If you copy from your album and paste in your email message it works that way. If not you can get mail my photo app free and use it. Mine was always sideways when I mailed from the album. You have to hold your finger and press copy that way to do it. Not from the option in the album itself to...
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    It's called printer share think i paid $5.99
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    Apps won't install

    Sync phone in I tunes try to download app from there. Mine wouldn't let the app download after I did that it began working ok.
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    Which is the best iphone 4s case?

    I Just got a white lifeproof case at best buy. It feels good. I have always used the otter box defender. I think I'm going to like this one much better. Its a little slimmer.
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    While on calls

    Hi I had the same problem. I have an otter box. Open the box and up at the top the three openings there will be a little piece of clear plastic , pull it off. That's where it can sense your face contact and work right.