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    Might leave behind my IP4 for the HTC Desire HD

    Bye bye iPhone 4. You have been a good friend lol Looking forward to seeing what Apple come up with for the next iPhone now... Maybe an iPhone nano! :)
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    Might leave behind my IP4 for the HTC Desire HD

    Yeah you can. Ive watched a few video reviews, looking forward to playing with it.
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    Might leave behind my IP4 for the HTC Desire HD

    Yeah I was asking the forums opinion. I've been here a while and was perhaps looking for someone here who has used one. I've spent years with android. I moved from Droid over to the iPhone 4 so I'm fully aware of what they are all about. I used to be one of these people that changed phones...
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    Might leave behind my IP4 for the HTC Desire HD

    Am due an upgrade from t-mobile uk. Am going to pick up the HTC DESIRE HD. Initially I was just going with this phone as it's the newest and most exspensive, so I was going to put it on ebay and get as much as I could for it... and then hang on to my iPhone 4. However i've actually just had a...
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    NEW RED, BLUE and PINK iPhone 4!!

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    Anyone good at Logo design? We need a logo for

    This thread is months old. I wouldn't mind having a go in the future. Am sure the forum would rather turn to a long standing member and contributor rather then some company chancing their luck on the back of a few posts.
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    Name your favorite iPhone game

    Yeah it's true about infinity blade. I got stuck on god king level 700 so actually just reset my character so I could start from the begining and use my skill points in a different way.
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    What do u mean it doesn't work? HDR off takes a normal picture with the standard exposure. HDR on takes a little longer to process (like a second) as it takes one picture at over exposure, one at normal and one under expose. It then puts them all together to produce what should be the best...
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    Fake Speck Candyshell?

    Yeah the case does pick up scuffs and scratches easily. Just think of how much it's saving your iPhone tho, which after all is the point of the thing. Next people will want cases for cases! Lol
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    iPhone 4 Internal Storage Went to 53GB After iOS 4.2.1 Update?

    Lol I could use all that space as well!
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    Steve Jobs Takes Another medical Leave of Absence, Apple Stock Takes 5% Hit.

    I hope he can afford health insurance...
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    How important is gamecenter in a game?

    It's not a must have. Great games were on the iPhone long before game center showed up. It does add another dimension to games now though that I really like.
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    Name your favorite iPhone game

    Still liking the infinity blade game. Needs updates tho!!
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    iPhone "Colorlays" - personalize your iPhone!

    Been a while since I bought some skins. You have anything new in?
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    Fake Speck Candyshell?

    Nah I'm certain yours isn't a fake. At the most it's just a one off poorly made case. It looks a little ragged around the camera cut out but that's about it. It's meant to be a squeeze to fit it in, although you saying it felt like it was going to break the case seems a bit extreme. I've tried a...