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    Can't enter email address in the TO: section ?

    It takes a few seconds while the picture loads. More pictures sent, more time.
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    Pandora streaming with Verizon unlimited data

    I am not sure what the concern is here? Safely? If you have unlimited then you an use as much data as you want.
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    Aluminum Cases How to Choose?

    All aluminum or metal cases impede the wifi and 3g data signal. It's a horrible material to use for a device that send/receives wireless data. That being said if you don't mind that, it's all a personal preference. Also, once you drop your phone, the metal if marred will be so for life. I would...
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    What colour Iphone 4s should I get?

    Saying the white is for girls and the black is more manly is just silly. Get what is visually appealing to you, not what you think other people will say.
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    10 simple reasons why I dumped Android for the iPhone 4S

    Yeah, I agree with most. I was a die hard Android user-had the Droid X. The buggyness, jittering transistions, slow typing, etc. drove me nuts. My wife still has the Droid 2 and everytime we do something at the same time, I beat her by 3x as fast. Texting, web pages, everything. Faster and...
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    Ringtone help!
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    Static Noise in Earbuds while walking/jogging with iPhone in pocket?

    4S. I am having random but frequent pops and clicks coming through my earbuds-3 different kinds/brands-while my iPhone is in my front pocket and I am walking and or running. Happens with a case, without, etc. Doesn't happen if I hold it in my hand and it's not the cable coming out of the...
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    "Unable to backup to iCloud - allotment full."

    Does it just keep the most recent backup?
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    Temporary freeze-up of iPhone

    Gltich, happens to every electronic device at times. Hard reset next time. Hold home and power down for 10 secs or so.
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    iPhone moisture sensor

    Apple changes stance on water damage policy for iOS devices | TekGoblin
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    What is a good iPhone navigation app?

    I agree, too kidish for me, but until I can find a good, turn by turn voice navigated traffic enabled app for free, I will use it.
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    best advice

    Unless it cost me $100 or less, I would not switch either. Although the 4S is much quicker than the 4 at games, navigating through menus, etc. other than the improved camera and Siri as Unleashed stated, it's not worth extending a contract or spending much on. Just my 2 cents. And no one knows...
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    Need help, someone sold me a junk iPhone 4s

    Did you read the whole post? You can deduct why from his current situation.
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    How to use mp3 song as ringtone in iPhone 4 and 4S both ??

    Take the mp3 you want to use, drop it into iTunes under your music. Right click and choose 'make AAC' version. Now go back in your music list, right click on the aac version you just made(make sure it's the aac version by right clicking and choose 'get info') and choose 'show in windows...
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    Looking for iphone replacement parts

    iPhone 4S Back Housing White Have heard good things about this place.