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    Tweak that lets you delete photos from camera roll but keep on album?

    Your not storing duplicate photos when you have albums, because albums are nothing more than shortcuts to the camera roll. There is no need to delete anything. You won't save any space on the iDevice.
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    Connectivity issue

    Try to unplug the modem for about 10 minutes, this makes sure that it has truly reset, then restart it and if that doesn't work, forget the connections on your iPhones in "Settings" and set them up again.
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    Jailbroken iPhone stuck in Recovery mode

    Try this tutorial. TUTORIAL - Failsafe method to restore the current version of IOS
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    can't restore backup itunes help pls!!!!

    Plug your phone into the USB port on your PC to do a restore, do NOT use wifi to restore.
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    Severe battery drain with ios 6.0.1

    Did you do a hard reset, "Home" button and "Power" button for at least 10 sec until you see the Apple Icon, after you updated? If not try it. My iPhone 5 on iOS 6.01 last as long as it did on iOS 6.0.0, which is about 3 days.
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    Moving over to Mac land

    Go with the MAC Mini PC, much easier to customize and add memory too, than the iMac. If you get a iMac and decide you want a bigger display, buy a new iMac, if you buy a Mac Mini, just get a bigger monitor, much cheaper that way. Also it's easier to upgrade drives on the Mac mini.
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    Download photos from apple tv

    If you can see them on the ATV, that means they are on your computer, somewhere. They are streamed from your computer as they are shown. The ATV doesn't have any storage of it's own for photos. Once you find them, you should be able to add that folder to your iDevice in iTunes.
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    Photos in folders?

    Try "Photo Manger Pro" (PhotoMgrPro) in the Apple store. You can even use WiFi to transfer photos where you want them and has security passwords for folders.
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    Love Siri

    Just for grins, try a hard reset. Hold the "Power" (top) button and the "Home" (bottom) button till you see the Apple Icon, about 10-15 seconds, and wait for it to reboot. Cures many strange things on iDevices. And NO it will not erase your apps or settings. It's just like doing a "Ctl + Alt +...
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    Love Siri

    Sometimes Siri is correct for me now, was't always correct. I find if I have a problem, I just tell her the zip code and she works fine. I live in Hanover, VA and she used to do the same as yours, today she was correct for a change. Funny, my ISP thinks my computer is in Petersburg, go figure.
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    Yahoo email

    Go into "Settings">"Mail,contacts..."> tap on your "Yahoo account">tap on "Account" (the one with your email address after it.). Now go down to "Incoming Mail Server" it should read, if not change it, then goto "Outgoing Mail Server", "SMPT" should read ...
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    Problem with Contact Email Addresses

    I believe I read it somewhere, that the Facebook app does that, without permissions being given. +1 hookbill, I don't like Facebook either. That's just another reason.
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    Syncronization iTunes without losing applications

    This might work, goto the "Store" tab in the upper left hand side of iTunes, click on it, and then click on the "Check for available downloads", this should download all the apps you have on your iPhone that aren't in iTunes, in your case hopefully all of them. When I have downloaded an app on...
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    Deleting photos

    You may have to un-check all of the photo albums. You can also go into the iPhone's Camera Roll and select all photos and then select delete. If this doesn't do it, your are either missing a step or you have a duzzy of a problem. You might try a full reboot, hold down the Power button and the...
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    Deleting photos

    Plug her iPhone into iTunes and on the Photos tab, un-check the "Sync Photos from" box, then goto the Summary tab and check the "Sync only checked songs and videos", then re-sync her iPhone. The rule is, if it is checked it will be loaded onto the iDevice, if it is NOT checked it will be...