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    Siri will come, there just trying to find a way to distribute it with out piracy. It's not a easy task.
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    Voice Recognition on iPhone is awful

    But the iPhone can't connect to the apple servers for dictation that's another issue
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    What can u say to IOS 5 for IPHONE USERS?

    Your opinion always counts, I just wish you'd do the searching for me lol jk crank
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    What can u say to IOS 5 for IPHONE USERS?

    I gotta say I love iOS 5 from the betas till now. Who here is content with just the update to 5 versus getting the 4S? I think I will visit the apple store today to check out a demo
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    Droid X vs Iphone 4s

    I had a bionic which was suppose to slay the iPhone 4 and guess what I'm back using my 4 because of apples attention to detail and there stability, battery life etc. Android phones are produced half done like, it's like you buy a kit phone you have to piece together. Apple gives you a out of the...
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    The mass updating of Apps has begun!

    Impressed with the smoothness of everything. I noticed Facebook update quite a bit though
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    Confirmed: Sprint will offer unlimited data plan for iPhone 4S

    I'm having to use my wifi and watch my data which is lame with Verizon. Can anyone clue me I'm why they target iPhone users over android to throttle.
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    4S-White or Black

    I bought a white 4 which I like it's just hard to find a case that protects it and meshes well, but other wise white is very clean and retro
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    Who's going to upgrade to iOS 5 immediately?

    I was tempted to install goldmaster last night but decided to hold off, it will give me something to do next wed.
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    iPhone 5 might be released with 4G LTE chip next year, says analyst

    I have had several android 4g devices and the best of them all was the bionic I could squeeze a full work day out of it. Let's hope the if and when the 5 comes to light it has lte
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    Who's going to upgrade to iOS 5 immediately?

    Anyone know if we will at least get the nuance voice to text in iOS 5, I could care less about Siri. I miss this coming from android.
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    4s prices

    Most likely... It will be a battle for most
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    If I'm not mistaken Siri is a 4s thing. I believe it requires the a5 I could be wrong. When I had iOS 5 on my other iPhone Siri was missing. Only the 12th will tell but I wouldnt be disappointed if it's not there.
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    Is it worth upgrading from a Iphone 4 to a 4s??

    I have had my Verizon iPhone 4 since June I'm just gonna add a line I think I need to anyhow and get a 32gb
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    4s prices

    They will be the upgrade price not the retail.