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    Greenpois0n 4.2.1 un tethered jailbreak for windows users

    Idk know about the sim,but RC6 is for Apple TV I believe. I used gp RC5 to JB mine untethered and it worked like a charm. If for unlock too then idk cause I don't do that. Just look in forum. Anyway hope I helped.
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    Greenpois0n 4.2.1 un tethered jailbreak for windows users

    i did this jb this morning and i'm very happy to have an untethered jb again, but cydia is so much slower than before. I'm also getting a ton of erors etc.. It takes a very long time to add sources and downloading packages sometimes. any ideas on this, how to fix?
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    How to jailbreak 4.2.1 (tethered)

    Ok so I have followed the tutorial for windows JB and it doesn't work for me for some reason. I get all the way to the last step where it says downloading JB data to phone and pc says loading ramdisk but ramdisk only gets up to like 2 bars and that's it. Any ideas why it failing?
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    New to tethered JB

    Well I've followed the instructions on this forum and iclarified, but after multiple attempts it still won't work for me. Idk why, it gets to the last step/ shows on my phone "downloading jailbreak data" but on my pc it only goes up to 2 green bars stops and that's it??? I don't get it. I have...
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    New to tethered JB

    Ok thanks for the help!
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    New to tethered JB

    Ok so I've jailbroke many times before, but always untethered. My question is If I do a tethered jailbreak and download something from cydia that needs to residing or reboot, I need to plug in phone to do it? Please help cause I'm on windows and have been accidentally updated to 4.2.1. iPhone no...
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    iPhone 4 Themes Mine. It's called e4p HD from cydia.
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    Well done! You always do a nice job with your themes. Can't wait to see what's next lol.
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    Hey guy I like that theme you posted. Did you make it or is it somewhere I can download?

    Hey guy I like that theme you posted. Did you make it or is it somewhere I can download?
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    Thanks man, they are cool icons!! I got the idea from alude. It is a costum theme.The icons are from this site. 70 Free High Resolution Icon Sets There are tons of icons there, just gotta look through and DL.
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    Remove icon dock

    Does anyone know how to remove the I on dock from the springboard without using sbsimplify? I tried sbsimplify last night and it crashed my phone. I am on iphone4 ios4.1 jailbroken with limerain. Thanks for any help you can give!!
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    Name your favorite iPhone game

    Definitely has to be Eliminate Pro!!!
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    Age of iphone 4 users here?

    36 here. My first iPhone. I have th i4, I've been playing around with iPod touch for a cpl years tho. Lots o fun!!!
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    Any app for USB to car radio?

    I have a Hyundai that has USB in it and they sell a special USB cable for it, but I'm wondering if there's any way around that. You know to use the USB cable I already have.
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    App to lockscreen?

    Yeah, I like that one too. I used to have it on my iPod but it was really slow like you said.