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    Good stylus for iPhone 4?

    I use a Pogo, but only for drawing.
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    Your biggest complaint about Apple or the iPhone 4?

    You nailed it. Apples almost pedantic insistance at controlling - well everything is my biggest turnoff of the whole iOS experience. In Germany, they have a phrase "everything that is not allowed is forbidden" and that sounds like Apple. Lest we not forged the whole freedom of the press...
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    ezmoney here...

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    Anyone good at Logo design? We need a logo for

    The new logo is great, simple, trendy, shows the apple connection and...I didn't make it. I think it's perfect tho!
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    Apple releases iPhone iOS 4

    My 3GS updated. Seems smoother, task switching is easy, new animation when jumping between apps, not sure about multitasking. Inbox really different. Pretty cool.
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    Apple releases iPhone iOS 4

    Woot! Mine is rebooting now.
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    iOS4 Out Monday!!! After install post your first thoughts here!

    Is it really tomorrow? :gets suddenly gittery:
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    What Phone are you upgrading from?

    Upgrading from 3GS, but my iPad I'd jealous that I'm even on this forum.
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    Taking Suggestions: What to do with old Windows Mobile Phone?

    I have the same problem. I think I'm giving it to one of my kids.
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    My main PC doesn't do anything but stream and convert videos now and the occasional upload/download thing, so yeah, I love it. I'm typing on it right now. Actually we just got our second iPod Touch yesterday so we have more iGadgets as humans at our place. Still no macs tho. :P
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    Anyone good at Logo design? We need a logo for

    Ok, I'm imagining a paper to eye/retina to movie theme, but I'll see if I can make something classy and not too gaudy with such a big idea, hehe.
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    Anyone good at Logo design? We need a logo for

    This is a challenge I'd like to take. Are you wanting to stick with the dark, blue and paper motif?
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    Favorite Feature on the iPhone 4

    We're going to get iOS 4 on the iPad and iPhone 3GS anyway, so I am looking forward to the cameras the most. HD Video! FaceTime! iMovie!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome! Good to see y'all here too.
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    Apple releases iTunes 9.2

    Hm... I'm not jailbroken yet. I think I'll try.