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    "FONTS" Post anything you know about Fonts!!!

    as far as i know you can only change the font type, not the actual size.
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    Different colour iPhone 4

    ebay has a couple different color iphone housings, not sure how durable they are though.
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    caller ID announce name

    if its jailbroken check cydia for an app called iannounce from bigboss repo, it announces the name of the called based on what they are store under and plays the ringtone after it announces the callers name.
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    GPS apps

    wazer is a good app too.
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    Double text alert sounds

    do you have tonefx installed?
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    Why does my screen look like this ?

    uninstall the liveos theme mine did the same thing, once i uninstalled liveos it went back to normal.
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    iPhone 4 extended texttone list?

    they added those in 4.2 if you update to that you will them
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    Transparent iphone?

    i dont know of anybody who has one but i heard it makes the camera picture quality worse.
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    Is there a way to BLOCK a number

    iblacklist from cydia works very well
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    Changing menu colour

    look for complete themes and download ones that are bigger in file size some themes just do the main icons
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    Changing menu colour

    not sure if this option is available on anything before 4.2.1 but if you go into settings>general>accessibility and turn on the switch for white on black it will invert all the colors, only down side is that it inverts pics and stuff too
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    I got my free apple case!

    i believe it was a promo that they are no longer doing.
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    Make it mine wont work on Verizon Iphone?

    fakecarrier and fakeoperator both work on ios 4, i have 4.2.1 and fakeoperator works perfect.
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    Question About Number in Corner of Cydia App?

    yes you should update them, the only thing you dont wanna update is the OS, but only itunes on the pc will ask you for that update when you plug your phone in. it is safe to update your cydia and app store apps
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    Iphone 4 ringtone issues

    i had the same problem, before you make the ringtone go the song and right click and then click get info, click the info tab and delete all the fields except top one where it says name and then make the ringtone and when you add the ringtone to your phone drag it from the folder in windwos/mac...