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    Steve Jobs looked to reinvent Apple’s iPhone photography with instant capture system,

    We do hope, that whatever Steve Jobs planned about visions & goals for iDevices before, Apple should stick on that and not for any ++business (money) purposes which might lead to iDevices to have an overhauled outlook in the future. - We love your artwork Steve Jobs.
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    If apple never made iphone

    If Apple didn't made iPhone... There will be no Samsung S2 and other alike.... : )
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    Change "slide to unlock" letters.......

    ^ Agree with that method, all you need to find is the SpringBoard.plist file (kindly correct me if I am wrong). I don't know exactly in what directory you have to look for. You may want to search that on Google. I did that a year ago..
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    I don't know either more about it.. But it is the radio chip the phone uses to communicate to a specific network. Which deals with phone calls and sending SMS, 3G communication. In short, it is called modem.
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    I am thinking about spire, some says after they installed spire, their phone became laggy. In-order for you to found out which causes it. You need to check if your phone slowed down after installing each add-on you mentioned. If nothing happens, then proceed installing the second add-on you...
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    Last day to decide on 4 or 4s

    I go with the 4s too...
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    Real Unlock for 4.11.08 BB of 5.01?

    I think it is for 04.10.1 baseband...
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    iTunes wont detect iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S (need help)

    All the last thing i know. Make sure you had an updated Windows 7.
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    Yes kindly post it here..
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    Cover Art Disappearing

    Now I got what you mean. That in some cases the album art is showing on a particular song (e.g Bed of Roses), then sometime it doesn't. That is strange, i never encountered that one before.. I guess you need to re-sync those audio files from your iTunes Library again, not anymore via wireless...
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    iOS 5.0.1 (update failed)

    Reinstall iTunes but this time you need to install atleast version 10.5. Then try to update your phone once more...
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    iTunes wont detect iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S (need help)

    In what operating system your pc runs? 32bit or 64bit? It is really strange that after reinstalling itunes, still it didn't show up in your itunes.
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    Having trouble syncing my iphone

    Try disabling "Wi-Fi Sync" both in your iTunes and iPhone.
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    iphone audio capacity shows 1.6GB after I deleted all music files

    You may had tons of ringtones/alert sounds before. It is also counted as audio files. ^_^
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    iFunbox Help!

    Make sure you are using latest version of iFunbox. Also it needs some files that are associated with iTunes.