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    Syncing Outlook with Calendar

    It is possible I am sure. Plug your phone in. Open iTunes. Click others tab or something like that. And look for caledar And click sync with outlook. Than open up outlook. Save it. And hit sync on iTunes after done in outlook. Than see if it worked and successfully transferred to your phone.
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    Interesting battery drain find!

    Yeah I know the 4s pad 2 has the chip. But you should try leaving siri on and download a system resource viewer. And switch to it while Siri is open and see what the chip/ memory is doing. I had theory that when the 4s came out and with the a4 that the battery would deplete faster than the 4. ?
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    Help mee

    Go to mobile me. Enter in your apple id and password. And see if you can enable it there.
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    iPhone 4 turning on and off. not passing apple logo

    I have been through this. Oh lord it's annoying. You need to keep trying to turn it off by pressing and holding the home button and sleep wake button at the same time. So once it's plugged in than put te phone into recovery mode. Try this...
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    Problems with push mail and password

    Go into settings. Mail. Go into your mail account. Make sure your mail is turned on. And it is set to push. Click mail folders to push. And also make sure that what ever mail you use ? At&t supports the push. If not. Use fetch ? I hope I helped some what.
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    Problems with push mail and password

    If you have not tried restoring. Try to restore it. And try from there. If that still does not work. Try a hard reset. Even tho it is a pain :/.
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    Interesting battery drain find!

    Does it drain so fast because siri uses a lot of the a4 processors memory ? I think that could be why. I did not watch the video :p
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    iPhone 4 turning on and off. not passing apple logo

    I think it's just corrupt software. Restore it and you have to get it out of that loop. It took me 30 mins to fix a 3GS that ha this problem. Plug the phone in. And turn it off. I believe by holding the power and home button. When it's off. Put the phone into recovery mode etc.. If you...
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    iPhone 4 earpiece mesh - it is fragile?

    No problem with mine after a year. Use a q tip or a medium stiffness brush to clean out. Fight push too hard. Pretty sure it's just glued or taped on
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    HEY! from nat4210!

    :phone: hello, I am new here! I Hope I have a great experience here! :) My name is Nate "nat4210" I never knew where the "4210" came from but anyways, Hello!!