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    What cases did you get for you iphone 5s

    Tech Armor from amazon are the best cases I had
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    Need an iPhone 5s Case Recommendation

    I bought one for my Iphone 5 but ofcourse it works for the iphone 5s it's tech armor cases really tough and protective, It looks amazing and has wide range of colors.
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    Best protective case?

    Tech Armor From amazon(olycarbonate for Tough Impact Protection). Mina
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    Need Suggestion For New Case

    I got my Tech Armor case from amazon with a very good price compared to the high quality material case, try it out. White/red: Tech Armor SlimProtect Grip Tough Scratch-Resistant Case / Cover for iPhone 5S / 5 (White/Red) Lifetime Warranty: Cell Phones & Accessories Mina