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    Question about using an old plan with an iPhone

    I'm almost certain for any "smartphone" you have to have a data equipped plan.
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    Best case in my opinion.

    In my opinion the best all around case I'm not talking waterproof cases I mean offers great drop protection and so on is the Speck candyshell but but that is my opinion.
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    To case or not to case?

    The LP case is significantly less bulky it offers near good as protection as defender probably more and it's as thin if not thinner then the commuter.
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    You may be getting charged for what you think is iMessage in what I mean is sometimes even though it may show up as iMessage in beginning it ends up sending as a regular text. So that could be why you may believe you are getting charged extra for because I am not getting charged any different...
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    To case or not to case?

    I have always had this worry about dropping my iPhone since it is glass front and back so when out I use a case but I have always hated using cases because they cover up the beauty of the iPhone. So what do you guys recommend any good cases out there that expose the beauty or should I just start...
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    iPhone 5 and galaxy s3

    Why is everybody wanting 4g from the next iPhone it's not perfected yet still a huge battery drain and most of the time not worth it unless your in good coverage.
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    How do you like sprints coverage?

    Just depends on the coverage in your area. You also have to consider sprint is upgrading all of there towers so if you get on now this year going into next there coverage/speeds are only going To be getting better.
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    To case or not to case!

    Depends on you realm personally my phone is naked no case but have a wrapsol full body on it so not clearly naked but works for me.
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    Please help me figure out what case this is!

    Looks like a wrap a carbon fiber one not a case would check out slick pretty sure they carry one just like that if that isn't theirs in that pic.
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    New Iphone owner - which protective case?

    I'm pretty sure if you order from life proof they ship all over and the CEO guy is from the UK or Australia he had a accent sorry lol can't decipher between the 2.
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    New Iphone owner - which protective case?

    Lifeproof cases are very nice a little more expensive of a case but they protect your phone from basically everything ie. waterproof disproof other things like that and doesn't add a whole lot of bulk like the otterbox cases do
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    Mobile vs iPhone in Contacts

    Lol no big difference but for me if I know a contact of mine has a iPhone I just put it under the iPhone section.
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    Mobile vs iPhone in Contacts

    Only difference I've seen.
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    Mobile vs iPhone in Contacts

    When sending texting messages mainly it appears as a "I-message" instead
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    Bad ESN on brand new phone.

    Take it into your carriers store and have them check serial number or ESN should be outside of box and they can tell you.