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    Anyone else get bashed about owning an Apple Watch? I did, but......

    When will the s3 search the web? I would like that feature. Or auto delete all text messages
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    Best apps

    List some of the best apps for Apple TV?!
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    iPhone slowdown

    iPhones start slowing down after a year of use, and that’s way too soon | The Verge How do you feel about the Apple release on slowing down iPhone’s?
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    Will anyone upgrade to Iphone 8?

    I decided to keep my 7+ and then I went with the Apple Watch S3
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    What's Your Favorite Apple Watch Feature!

    So true [emoji23]
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    Additional cell phone costs for Apple Watch?

    I have T-Mobile they will charge $10.00 a Month after the first 90 days.
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    Does anyone have Series 3 GPS & Cellular

    I got mine last week Nike+ s3
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    iOS 11 Battery Drain

    My phone has been heating up too. And the battery drain is a headache. I am using an iPhone 7plus
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    Apple pay in iMessages

    I like this option coming soon
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    Email deletion

    Wow I haven't been on and I see the reply back! Whew thank you! Delete away worked!!
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    Custom ringtones stopped working

    Mine are the same way. What's happening is the ringtone can't locate the file source. For me I changed out phones and I've updated my computer and when I went to sync my phone my ringtones wouldn't play. once I set my phone and everything back onto my computer put the files back in the same...
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    Not Getting Voicemail Notifications

    I having the same issue of late notifications for my voicemails! So if I missed a call the the caller left a VM it takes a half hour or more for my phone to even alert me won't even show before hand a VM. I have a iPhone 7+ with tmobile
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    Email deletion

    Apple needs to fix this seriously.. it's getting old especially having so many iPhones threw the yrs and this going on with all.