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  • Apple admits a battery issue in a small number of iPhone 5s units
    29 October, 2013 | Comments (48) | Post your comment
    Tags: Apple, iOS
    Earlier this month while going through our battery test of the iPhone 5s, we noted that on some occasions, the smartphone suffered from quick battery drain. Today, in a statement to The New York Times, Apple has acknowledged that a small number of iPhone 5s devices are indeed affected by such an issue.

    According to spokesperson from Apple, a manufacturing issue sits at the heart of the problem. It has affected a “very limited number” (Apple has implied to The New York Times that there are a few thousand devices affected) of iPhone 5s devices and has caused their battery to take longer to charge, or have reduced endurance.
    Apple has begun reaching out to users whose phones were affected. They will be given a replacement device
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