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    Touch screen Problem (Otterbox?)

    Yeah I hated the plastic protector that came with the otterbox. I pulled mine off (for my 3GS) and used it naked. No screen protector of any sorts. I don't have the otterbox for my 4 because I converted it to white and the otterbox covers all the color so I'm using a griffin reveal and being...
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    I phone 4 vs Droid X

    Interesting... I didn't know one could still do that. Will have to check that out. My $0.02 on the Droid X vs. iPhone 4... Droid X is alot slower and alot less stable than the ip4. Unless the AT&T coverage in your area is horrible, go with the iPhone.
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    couple quick questions.

    LoL... Welcome to the iPhone 4. You get 250 megabytes of data for the $15. Casual music streaming with apps like pandora and browsing the internet should be fine on that plan. Don't expect to stream video very much or you absolutely will go over on your data.
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    White iPhone 4 Finally Arrived! Unboxing Inside!

    Yeah these guys might be on a business trip or anything else but the fact that they aren't responding, especially in this connected world we live in now, is inexcusable. It's kind of absurd that they took the monies upfront when they don't have the products to deliver. You would think they...
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    Hello All

    Hello my name is Ben. I came across this forum through a google search for white iPhone 4's. I enjoyed reading through some of the threads here and thought it would be nice to be a part of this community. I have a wife and 2 lovely kids, a really good job and my sanity is still in tact lol...
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    White iPhone 4 Finally Arrived! Unboxing Inside!

    Hello everyone. I actually do these white iPhone 4 conversions and can tell you there is a huge flurry or defective parts out there right now. The quality, as noted in this thread many many times, has been lacking lately. When the very first conversions became available, they were the genuine...