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  • Hi Ben -

    I saw in one of the ifixdirect threads you mentioning that you'd done some white iPhone conversions in the past and were searching for more quality parts. Have you had any luck in finding them? I'm interested in having this conversion done, but it seems like such a minefield out there right now, with huge quality variances, depending on whom you ask.

    It seems as though ifixdirect is resurrected, but who knows whether their quality is up to par or not. I know iResQ has stopped doing the conversions as they say they cannot locate parts that meet their expected level of quality. Is this the case everywhere?

    One thing I've read is the replacement parts do not use oleophobic glass. Are you seeing this as well?

    I'm sending this as a "visitor message" as my post count isn't yet high enough to allow me to send PMs. You can reach me at toutsuite on this board, or at toutsuite@gmail.com.

    Hope you and the family are off to a good 2011.


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