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    iPhone 6 Very bad issue

    Also, try charging it and see if anything appears to the screen. Make sure that this is not a hardware (screen) problem first!
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    Bought used 6S+ with cracked screen. DIY Fix, Avoid Error 53?

    Hopefully she will remove it, because if she will not, I am afraid that there is not a way to remove the iCloud Lock (Activation SCreen) from an iPhone, only the original owner. A friend of mine learn this with the hard way, after buying a software that could do that (it didn't of course) and...
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    icloud there such a thing or service out there????

    This is not possible. I run into some services that actually worked, but the price was insane. Avoid "software" or other cheap services, because they definitely not work. From my latest research, no services that can remove the iCloud Lock are available. The only legal way to remove it, is...
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    iphone 5 unlocking help

    Jailbreaking and Unlocking are two different things. With the latest iOS version I am pretty sure that can be jailbroken. Jailbreaking it and then unlocking it is impossible (Do not even try installing Ultrasn0w app, it will not work). You have to two options from my experience: Either contact...
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    iPhone 6 plus... Better with a case?

    I believe that you answered your own question. It is almost sure that you will drop your iPhone, even if you are extra careful (I am not talking about you only, we all drop our phones). I was always using cases for all my iPhones for protection. I do not want to cry over a broken iPhone...
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    iPhone 6c Rear Shell Photos Emerge

    Really? Apple will go for a smaller screen? That would be the first time right? Isn't it their motto, "New products should always be Larger and Thinner!"? :p
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    Here's How To Get An Apple Watch Edition For $2,000

    I couldn't agree more with you. $2000 is too much. Also, it is a bit weird to walk around in the streets, with a 2K watch ... if I ever decide to buy it, I could go for the Sport edition, which is not also good looking, but also affordable (around $400)! Also, about the Gold version (with the...
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    unlock iphone 5s

    Hey, Do those hardware methods really work? I have read like hundreds of posts with unsatisfied people. Can't you go for an Official IMEI Unlock for your iPhone? I believe that Sprint USA Network is supported, but it might be a bit expensive. You will also be able to update your iOS without any...