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    Iphone 4 dead

    My step-daughters Iphone4 (just bought on weekend) will not turn on. I can feel the hard drive spinning, but nothing coming up on display. I tried plugging it in to the wall and holding down the hold and round button, still nothing? Any ideas? Thanks in advance Kev
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    Trouble updating Itunes Remote App

    Hello, I have the latest version of the firmware for the Iphone4. I see that the "Itunes Remote" app requires updating, but for some reason, it will not let me "update" the app, just seems to start the updating procedure, th en just says "installing" but does not seem to be doing anything...
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    Composing messages

    That's exactly what I mean
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    Composing messages

    Sometimes when I am composing messages on my Iphone, there does not seem to be any word wrap? Is there a setting to turn this on somewhere or is this normal? Thanks
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    Opening files in email

    I have an Iphone4 and just love this phone! I received an email the other day with a PDF in it. I tried to open the file, which then took me to a screen of apps that can open the file. I clicked on several of the icons and it said something like " unknown file format, .flv file " How can I fix...
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    Artwork on computer not always transferring to Iphone 4

    Hello, here is my problem. I have a bunch of music in my Itunes (not Itunes Match) all with artwork. When I sync my Iphone 90% of the artwork comes through OK, but there are a handful of songs with artwork that does not. Why would this be and how can I fix it? All my songs are ID3 tagged at 2.3...
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    Remote app

    Hello, I just downloaded the "Remote" app from Apple so I can control Itunes from my Iphone. I synced everything up but when finished I noticed it only shows my fiancee's library? Why wouldn't it show all the music I have in Itunes? What am I doing wrong? Thanks Kev
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    Syncing Iphone4

    When I sync my Iphone with Itunes, I get the message "658 files could not be synced, see Itunes for more details". What does this mean and how can I fix it? Thanks in advance Kev
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    Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

    For some reason I am having a hard time trying to update the Asphalt 6:Adrenaline app? Anybody else have this problem? Is it becuase the app is a big file or something? Thanks Kevin
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    Upgrading apps

    Hello, I have a Iphone4 and I always have trouble upgrading the apps that require upgrade. I have always been trying to do it on the Iphone but now I think that updating on the computer maybe better as it always says there is not enough memory or something. How do I upgrade the apps through...
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    Syncing Iphone4

    Last night I was trying to sync my phone to the computer, but it would have problems. I only have about 5.5% of space left on my 32GB phone, so I am trying to free up some space by deleting some music. When I try to sync, it gets so far and then it tells me that it has found 9 errors when trying...
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    Call blocker

    Hello, my phone is stock!
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    Call blocker

    What is the best app for blocking calls on the Iphone? Thanks in advance Kev
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    3D Wallpaper app

    I have had the 3D Wallpaper app (Rise Up labs) on my phone for some time. Now when I try to open it, it just sits there downloading and takes forever! Is this normal? Thanks
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    Hello, I know there is a problem with updating apps with the new firmware, as I see I have 12 updates that should be installed. Is there anyway to see which apps need updating, like a list. I cannot access anything under the "Updates" in the app store as it tells me that it cannot connect to the...